5 things developers have to do to increase revenue from mobile apps

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Nowadays, the market of mobile phone application is getting bigger, and the innovation and unique products are more and more. The best part of the app market is that you have equal opportunities to compete and succeed in both itunes and Google Play. This is a fair competitive environment, attracting countless quality developers. Experts have predicted that the app market will double in 2020, worth $10.1 billion.

No matter how good a developer you are, there are a few things you should be aware of when starting a new app. When launching an app project you should remember and take a few important steps to make sure it succeeds.

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1. Set goals

You must make sure that your app is already a complete project before you can use it. What is the core purpose of it? Can it solve the problem? Whether the problem is difficult or easy, you have to focus on it. Applications such as floppy bird are used to kill boring time, and Snapchat lets you and your friends use images for chat. In general, your app needs an accurate goal.

2. Keep it simple

One of the most common mistakes people make when creating apps is to be too complicated. Sometimes in order to be more competitive, your app user experience may not be a bad download. In fact, if you want to be better than your competitors, the best way is to make an app that's easy to understand and use.

When you start as a small project, simple applications can quickly create core competencies. All successful applications are simple to use. They don't cost the user too much energy and thought. These applications can create benefits for you. If users do not learn to use the first time when they open the app, they will rarely use it again.

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3. Market Forecast

App operation is an art and you have to start promoting it as soon as the plan is complete. When you're running apps, you need to innovate and don't use traditional marketing models. You can try using QR CODES,PPC ads and Facebook ads.

Remember, the more topics you create in your operations, the greater your chances of success. Once the app starts downloading, you'll see a significant increase. More people will comment, and more people will start using it. When you enter this phase, you can run it with minimal marketing costs.

Operations are an area where most companies or individual developers are puzzled. If users don't know your app at all, they won't be able to find it through itunes or Google Play. You have to do SEO or advertising to spread the information. Of course you can also hire an advertising agency to promote your app.

4. Strategic distribution

You can make a profit from your app in a different way. One way to do this is to sell your app directly on itunes and Google Play. The second better way is to make a profit by advertising on the app. Your app is free to download and use, and you can show ads to users at run time to make money.

Make sure your approach is logical. You may get high sales on itunes, and users on the Android are more likely to prefer a free application, which is more effective when using the second method.

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5. Continuous Improvement

The initial version of your application is used as the first version, and you can create more versions on this basis. You must improve your app by using user feedback error messages. You should do enough testing when you release the first version, but it won't take long. The first version may have problems that you will later have the opportunity to fix them through the update.

When your app is online, you can encourage users to share it on social media or other possible means. Incentive policies can be used to motivate them to share. For example, many games will give some additional rewards to users who participate in the sharing. Keep trying new ways and you will achieve greater success.

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5 things developers have to do to increase revenue from mobile apps

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