5 Types of PHP encryption Tools Zendguard, Ioncube, Sourcecop, Sourceguardian, Phpshield

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1, Zendguard
Zend Encoder Current Market price is us$960, SafeGuard Suite is to us$2,920 above the sky, and us$2,920 can only use one year. But because of the rapid flow of cracked files, early is also the best solution to encrypt PHP, so it can be said that the city accounted for the first PHP source code encryption software, even the virtual host company to execute Zend encrypted files, have to install Zend Optimizer.
Until now Zend to Encoder attitude negative has been known, a long time to appear a new version, so also began to let other Encoder out of the head.
By the last month Zend Encoder cracked the news, but also for the company and designers who want to protect their PHP original code to start looking for alternative solutions.
Since most of the virtual hosts are already installed Zend Optimizer (Zend Encoder execution Environment), the test of this PHP source code encryption software is "No need to set up or install any software on the server".

2, Ioncube Standalone Encoder (from us$199)
Ioncube abroad is already a software company to replace Zend Encoder Choice, the well-known PHP shopping cart X-cart is the use of
Ioncube Standalone Encoder Encrypted source code. The server does not need to install any software, just put Loader in the directory of the program can be.

3, Sourcecop (us$30)
Server completely do not plug any Loader and Module, completely in PHP to encrypt the program, A little bit of skill to trace the code can be seen, so can only prevent the gentleman can not prevent the villain.
Note: There are also some instructions for how to restore the original code.
4, Sourceguardian (us$250)
This should be quite well-known PHP encryption software, but the server side need to plug Loader, so other tests omitted.
Test Result: (Failed!)
PHP Script i.php is protected by Sourceguardian and requires the Sourceguardian Loader ixed. Loader. 4.3ev.win. The Sourceguardian loader have not been installed, or are not installed correctly. Visit the Sourceguardian PHP encoder site to download required loader.

5, Phpshield (us$99)
Operation is as simple as the general Encoder, because Phpshield and Sourceguardian trial process, Email content, screen, compressed files are exactly the same, there may be a simple version of Sourceguardian, because I did not use the old version, there may be Sourceguardian's old version sells cheaply.
Test Result: (Failure! need to install Loader, message also with Sourceguardian)
PHP script phpinfo.php is protected by Phpshield and requires file Phpshield.4.3.11ev.win or Phpshield.4.3ev.win.
Please read Phpshield protected scripts manual.
Ioncube Standalone Encoder, regardless of functionality, convenience is the best of the four, and do not need to install any software on the server side, under the scope of budget approval Ioncube Standalone Encoder is indeed the best choice.
If you do not mind the host need to install the loader, just to protect the program code simply may choose Phpshield.

5 Types of PHP encryption Tools Zendguard, Ioncube, Sourcecop, Sourceguardian, Phpshield

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