6 Domestic and foreign open source PHP Lightweight Forum CMS program

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With the impact of the mobile Internet on the traditional Internet, user groups pay more attention to the timeliness of information and the effectiveness of simple sharing and access, the traditional community model after years of accumulation of deep, especially for the emerging community user groups and webmasters, if the need to challenge the already very mature community groups is still more difficult, And not enough energy to run. On the contrary, in the popular community at home and abroad, we can be a simple catalogue, professional knowledge of the community more excellent. Whether it is registration, or use, are relatively simple, lightweight, we are accustomed to call the light forum, in this article, the old left to organize and share the network on the more popular, open source domestic and foreign use of More light forum program.

If there are users need to build a light forum website, you can refer to, compare, choose your favorite program to use. Ranking in no particular order, according to the old left to find the information in turn to share.

First, Startbbs

Startbbs, a domestic personal interest to share the Light Forum program, the use of Php+mysql architecture, the current version is V1.1.5, before I have to build the use of the function or relatively simple, the default style comparison let ordinary users accept, so do not do the template can be directly used. However, due to the busy work of the author, the update is slow, its official website forum flooded with a variety of spam information is rarely maintained. This light Forum Foundation is still very good, if later there is upgrade and security processing, is a good program.

Second, Youbbs

Youbbs, is also a domestic light forum program, the default style is similar to V2ex, can also be deployed to the SAE, BAE, Appfog, OpenShift and other cloud platform use.

Third, Xiuno

Xiuno, is a PHP to adapt to the high load of Light Forum program, the default interface is displayed directly in the list, eliminating the original traditional forum a variety of personality functions, directly to efficient exchange, sharing-based.

IV, VBulletin

VBulletin, a well-known abroad and the use of a large number of light forum program. The official offers a variety of plugins, theme style. Many large-scale web sites or well-known communities have been created using vbulletin source code, we have a Chinese community in the past, there seems to be less popular. vbulletin is a very good light forum program, but a variety of structured is not too suitable for our novice users, so we need to refer to some documents.

V, Discourse

Discourse is a ruby on Rails and ember.js development, database using PostgreSQL and REDIS programs, suitable for use in light forums.

VI, Wecenter

Wecenter is a community program that focuses on knowledge sharing and communication. There are a lot of technical exchange community use, the official update speed and documentation is more, easy for new users to use.

Old left originally will tidy up 10 or so, there is a foreign share on GitHub, imitate Ruby China's Open source PHP light Forum can not find the address, that is also good, the next time if you encounter add in. Of course, if there are netizens see this article, if you also have the recommended light forum can give old left message, I will see fit my aesthetic standards, join with netizens to share.

6 Domestic and foreign open source PHP Lightweight Forum CMS program

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