6 Efficient PHP frameworks for creating Web applications

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Here is the PHP framework for creating a Web application, with Coder Bay site recommendations: 1. Cakephpcakephp is a PHP rapid development framework that provides a scalable system for developing, maintaining, and deploying applications. CakePHP uses well-known design patterns, such as MVC and ORM, to reduce development costs and reduce developer effort to write code. 2. Codeignitercodeigniter is a very small and powerful PHP framework for developers who need concise tools to create full-featured Web applications. 3. The Zendzend framework is based on simple, object-oriented, enterprise-friendly licensing and rigorous testing of agile coding. The goal of the Zend Framework is to help developers create more secure, reliable, and modern web 2.0 applications and Web services. 4. Yiiyii is a high-performance, component-based PHP framework and the best PHP framework for developing large Web applications. Yii has full functionality, including MVC, Dao/activerecord, i18n/l10n, caching, jquery-based AJAX support, authentication and role-based access control, scaffolding, input validation, parts, events, themes, Web services, and more. Yii is a very easy-to-use, flexible, and extensible framework for rigorous object-oriented programming. 5. Symfonysymfony provides developers with a framework, components, and tools that enable them to create complex Web applications faster. Symfony allows you to publish your app earlier and stay stable for a long time. Symfony is a summary of experience: It uses the best experience of most web development and integrates some great third-party libraries. 6. The EZ Componentsez component is a library of PHP components that an enterprise is willing to use universally (it can be used alone or in conjunction with the development of PHP applications). EZ Components can help developers reduce duplication of effort, allowing them to focus on solving customer specific needs. Free to receive the Lamp Brothers and original PHP tutorial CD/"Detailed PHP" Essentials Edition, details of the website customer service: Http://www.lampbrother.netPHPCMS two times development http://yun.itxdl.cn/online/phpcms /index.php?u=5 Development of HTTP://YUN.ITXDL.CN/ONLINE/WEIXIN/INDEX.PHP?U=5 Mobile Internet server-side development http://yun.itxdl.cn/online/server/ Index.php?u=5javascript Course http://yun.itxdl.cn/online/js/index.php?u=5cto Training Camp Http://yun.itxdl.cn/online/cto/index.php?u=5
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