7 High-performance JavaScript code highlighting plugins

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For those who like to write technical blog, must be very familiar with the code highlighting components. An excellent JavaScript code highlighting plugin will help you render any programming language, including coloring of some keywords, indentation of each line of code, and so on. Today we are going to share some high-performance JavaScript code highlighting plugins that will be very effective in helping you to edit and display code on the Web.

1. syntaxhighlighter– best JavaScript code highlighting plugin

Syntaxhighlighter is a fully JavaScript-based code highlighting plug-in that Syntaxhighlighter can render to most programming languages, and the performance of code highlighting is very good. Syntaxhighlighter can customize theme files and specify your favorite themes when initializing.

Official website: http://alexgorbatchev.com/SyntaxHighlighter/

2. Google code prettify– free JavaScript code highlighting plugin

Google Code prettify is a Google-launched JavaScript code highlighting plug-in, Google Code prettify can be on C + +, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, VisualBasic, AWK, Bash, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, makefiles and some Perl programming language code highlight coloring.

Official website: http://code.google.com/p/google-code-prettify/

3. highlight.js– multi-style JavaScript code highlighting plugin

Highlight.js is a JavaScript project that displays various sample source code syntax for high-gloss shading on any Web page. Has the following characteristics:

    • Support 92 languages, 49 kinds of code formatting style.
    • Automatic detection of language types
    • Support for multi-language mixed code highlighting
    • Support for node. js
    • Support for using any HTML tags
    • Compatible with any JS frame

Official website: https://highlightjs.org/

4. Prism.js-Lightweight JavaScript code highlighting plugin

Prism.js is currently the most lightweight JavaScript code highlighting plug-in, he compressed only 2KB size, Prism.js also support most popular programming languages, and support a variety of theme styles, developers only need to reference CSS files and JS files to complete.

Official website: http://prismjs.com/

5. Jquery.syntax–jquery Lightweight Code highlighting plugin

This code highlighting plugin is based on jquery, which is also lightweight and renders very fast. At the same time Jquery.syntax also has WordPress plug-in application, for the individual bloggers, using WordPress and Jquery.syntax can be perfect to achieve 0-generation buy highlighting function.

Official website: http://www.codeotaku.com/projects/jquery-syntax/index.en

6, Dlhighlight–jquery Simple and efficient code highlighting plugin

Dlhighlight is a JavaScript-based code highlighting plugin that is very simple and currently only supports JavaScript, CSS, XML, HTML.

Official website: http://mihai.bazon.net/projects/javascript-syntax-highlighting-engine

7. rainbow.js– extensible JavaScript Code highlighting plugin

Rainbow is a syntax highlighting tool developed by JavaScript. Designed to be lightweight (only 1.4 KB after compression), easy to use and extensible. The syntax highlighting theme is completely defined by CSS. Implemented based on regular expressions.

Official website: http://craig.is/making/rainbows

These JavaScript code highlighting plug-ins are more commonly used, if you have a better code highlighting plugin, please let us know.

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7 High-performance JavaScript code highlighting plugins

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