77 Kinds of JavaScript effects--1, implicit, and progressive text

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1. The text of the hidden and progressive

====1, the following code in a new page of the HTML <body></body> area can be: [page must have nothing]

<TITLE> Effects </TITLE>
<script language=javascript>
var thissize=20
var textfont= "Official script"
var textcolor= new Array ()
textcolor[0]= "000000"
textcolor[1]= "000000"
textcolor[2]= "000000"
textcolor[3]= "111111"
textcolor[4]= "222222"
textcolor[5]= "333333"
textcolor[6]= "444444"
textcolor[7]= "555555"
textcolor[8]= "666666"
textcolor[9]= "777777"
textcolor[10]= "888888"
textcolor[11]= "999999"
textcolor[12]= "AAAAAA"
textcolor[13]= "BBBBBB"
textcolor[14]= "CCCCCC"
textcolor[15]= "DDDDDD"
textcolor[16]= "Eeeeee"
textcolor[17]= "FFFFFF"
textcolor[18]= "FFFFFF"
var message = new Array ()
message[0]= "Http://yuxuemei.yeah.net"
message[1]=, "I'm ginger."
message[2]= "Hello, everyone."
Message[3]= "Welcome to visit my homepage"
var i_strength=0
var i_message=0
var timer
function Glowtext () {
if (document.all) {
if (I_strength <=17) {
Document.all.glowdiv.style.filter= "Glow (color=" +textcolor[i_strength]+ ", strength=4)"
Timer=settimeout ("Glowtext ()", 100)
else {
Cleartimeout (timer)
SetTimeout ("Deglowtext ()", 1500)
}function Deglowtext () {
if (document.all) {
if (I_strength >=0) {
Document.all.glowdiv.style.filter= "Glow (color=" +textcolor[i_strength]+ ", strength=4)"
Timer=settimeout ("Deglowtext ()", 100)
else {
Cleartimeout (timer)
if (i_message>=message.length) {i_message=0}
Intermezzo ()
function Intermezzo () {
Glowdiv.innertext= ""
SetTimeout ("Glowtext ()", 1500)
<body bgcolor= "#000000" >file://notTo forget to write
<div id= "Glowdiv" style= "position:absolute;visibility:visible;width:600px;text-align:center;
Top:150px;left:50px;font-family: Official script; font-size:30pt;color:000000 "></div>

====2, [optional] Modify <div> tag code to determine the position, color, and size of the text display.
Top is the distance from above the screen, and left is the distance from the sitting side. Font-size is the text size,
Color is a colour. The width is the length of the div layer. Because the text is controlled by a Div, there can be no other content within the width of the div.
The position of the div is represented by an absolute position (Position:absolute).

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