8 Development Tips to help you earn a higher salary

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1. Blog
All things only have their own experience, can yanzhiyouwu. So at this point, the blog highlights its importance. Build your own blog and publish some articles on a regular basis.
Just like the previous high school writing article, column outline, describe the plot, the final check grammar and typos, and finally refine the article, it is best to do so that the reader can know the general meaning at a glance. Over time, not only can exercise their writing ability and logical ability, but also to the development of the later work will be a great help.
2. Open Source
Do not know if you have heard such a sentence: usually open source, always in the first time to find a job. The premise, of course, is to make sure that the open source code you write is relevant to your favorite job.
Some people say that open source is a few unprofitable jobs, of course, there are some tall people think that open source is a spirit. However, no matter what you think, a large part of the people think that the open source market is very large, the prospects are very broad.
3, appropriate job-hopping
Can not be too frequent job-hopping, but also to job-hopping. Suddenly think of the May day a song "The more You jump high, the more you skip high ..." ==| |
This is a more extreme problem, either frequent job-hopping, or never job-hopping. But the extreme route is not good to go, job-hopping can jump, but do not frequent job-hopping, because you encounter problems in one job, for another job will also have other problems arise. But if you stay in the same place for more than 10 years, you will be bored one day, and you will become a technology insulator completely.
So, can be appropriate job-hopping.
4, to the reality
Do not be too idealistic, to face the reality. For example, you like the Ruby programming language, but its average salary level is not as good as Java, even less than a lot, and the market is not broad enough, then you should consider, whether it should be a different language learning.
As many programming languages as possible, it will someday return you.
5, Silence is gold, concise is the soul
To be responsible for their own words and deeds, the ancients said that silence is gold and no reason, sometimes say more is not good. A problem that can give a concise summary of the answer is the best. The answer is too long and complicated, but it makes people not clear the clue.
6. Mobilize the atmosphere
Learn how to speak and express yourself in public and be able to mobilize a better atmosphere.
7, good at using tools
If a simple tool can solve very complex problems and make you work more efficiently than others, why not?
8. Modesty
Grandpa Mao once said: "Modesty makes one progress, pride makes one lag behind". And Tyler Durden said, "You're not special." Although the Chinese and Western cultures are different, but we can understand the meaning of it, nothing more than to educate us to be humble, not conceited, arrogant.
In fact, the above content is easier said than done difficult. Success on the road, always have these obstacles, the revolution has not been successful, children's shoes still need to work Ah! I hope so. Program apes can help you, URL www.l8chengxuyuan.com
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