A brief talk on the outlet of domestic CPU, OS, ecosystem and so on, and millet ecology, music vision ecology, Ali OS

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Let me talk about what prerequisites are needed for the construction of ecosystems.

n years ago, when I first came into contact with programming, I heard a lot of people saying that they were writing programs;N-5 years ago, I heard many people say that they were writing software "systems";N-7 years ago, I heard a lot of people say that they were doing "platform"; 9 years ago, I heard many people say that they were doing "SAAS";N. 9 years ago, I heard many people say that they were doing "cloud";N 14 years ago, I heard a lot of people saying that they were building "ecosystems".

OK, from "program"-> "system"- Span style= "Font-family:times New Roman" >> "platform"- > " saas > "cloud"- > b

The previous "programs" and "systems" are distributed from developers / Developers (Developer) to end users (end user ) use, complete; starting with "platform", there are some Developer distributed software for another level of Developer , after two development, before End User use. For the former, I'll name it Advanced Developer ( Developer), which is named Practice Developer (Practice Developer).

I work in Shanghai. Oneyears, job-hopping up -times, interviews countless! Many of the company's interviewers explain their company's work, are said to be very promising, what is the system platform ecology and so on, and said to be held tall. Well~All right, it's all bull .B--CattleBthe works of cattleBthe product designer, OxBthe system design/architect, CowBThe main course, CattleB's team. The cattle that I've interviewed nowBof theXX, one has no conspicuous. After observing the industry, there are a lot of "big" companies in the past few years (that is, more money, high valuations) what kind of ecosystem, I this old program ape will hehe.

Well, since I look, those system platform ecological what all ha-ah, the brick-making people questioned: "Difficult not to achieve your cow B, have the ability to engage in a set of beyond the system platform ecological things come ah?" "

Oh! Not so, I also can not get the platform ecology, make a system or Zhuo Zhuo more than, Open API also extremely easy,no problem. In that case, why am I still hehe? I do not see the platform ecology of the Builders (Advanced Developer), but the practice of the developer (practice Developer)!

Please listen to me carefully analysis

It should be said that the advanced Developer is generally a large company designed to pave the road, similar to the real infrastructure: roads, water networks, power grids, communications networks and so on, the industrial infrastructure is the motor, machine tools, tools, Molds and so on. Practice Developer is to pick up the infrastructure to really build a set of software for End user use. However, China's practice Developer do not like to pick up the infrastructure of China's advanced Developer . The reason why, I analyze one of the most important reason is "xenophilia" psychology is in mischief.

If you are not forgetful, look at each time the domestic CPU,Domestic OS, DomesticDB, domestic mobile phone, domesticXX, there are a lot of people shoot bricks, said you cottage, said you copied, said you lag behind foreign how much, so the kind, is nothing but Chinese people despise Chinese Bai. What does this xenophilia thought harm? Obviously, China's big software companies do not dare to spend huge sums of money to really build a platform of ecological, because the threshold is high, the cost is staggering, a company can not be combinedNa company together (GoogledoAndroidIs also the acquisition of many companies, combined with a lot of companies to do it, but the big domestic companies are worried that even if it came out, still be xenophiliaPracticeDeveloperabandoned, can never achieve value, can not directly recover the cost is inevitable, even the realization of strategic value can not be achieved. And this "can't do" is not because the big companies themselves design things not advanced, the talent hired is not the world's top, but justPractice Developerthe Xenophilia thought. In the past, the first time I contactedUCDOS, and in addition to the Baijun written " in-depthDOSProgramming ", it felt that when Jinshan himself had the ability to write a set ofOS, then? At that time the countryITthose in power have given up their domesticOS, gave up the domesticDB, when the stateITWhat is the thought of the ruler? I dare not go on guessing, only sigh pity.

To say one thing about myself, I had the ability to design a programming language on my own a few years ago, but when I was designing grammar, I encountered a problem-the human problem-how to get other program apes to accept and use the language I designed? The answer is "no" , because we all advocate American things, no matter how advanced my language (of course, did not come out, everyone shot brick I skipped), is not to be promoted. Well, the Chinese people's xenophilia mentality let me design programming language plans to cancel, fetal death in the belly.

So, see today's millet ecology, music vision Ecology,XX Ecology. OK, all is take doctrine, with the minimum cost to make a set of ecology, rather than self-design a set, I believe the company is also afraid of more investment is also wasted:practice Developer Xenophilia not follow-up, put into the big also white bleeding, It is better to first take doctrine change, keep on-line blowing bragging B, see how many practice Developer follow up and make the next step. So, do not blame millet music vision and so on OS Ecosystem is a cottage copied from, blame oneself do not want to do the Chinese own practice Developer, Like Xenophilia only to do foreigners practice Developer.

In the end, I think: the developer must be the world. No matter what field, as long as the Chinese people xenophilia mentality, the Chinese people do ecological.

The way out of domestic CPU, OS, ecosystem and so on, and millet ecology, music vision ecology, Ali OS

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