A Chicken game development app

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Chicken with a piece of paper system Development app, a chicken game development (Ying Hua: 138-0284-9410) micro-electric QQ3182291817, a text chicken financial system development, a text chicken full return model development, a chicken custom system, a chicken software development .

the use of strong interactivity, through the interaction of processes, links and ways of design, the use of a variety of custom activities to achieve interaction with users , inline with the entertainment of strong product nature. Businesses through the launch of marketing activities, to the existing customers remarketing, through the continuous updating of supplementary topics, users can repeatedly participate, and can drive around friends to share, thus forming a strong word-of-mouth marketing effect.


Split mode is a limited edition of virtual products, the demand is greater than the supply ! It means that many people invest in financial management, but limited distribution of money, any project must create a supply and demand relationship, in order to promote the stock price only rise not to fall ! even if few people join, the price of stock rises slowly, but will not fall, and will not let you lose immediately ! a chicken game belongs to the split disk project, the split disk control disk is very stable, to ensure good operation of the market, split disk is to make a lot of money, make a slow buck, earn long-term money !

Chicken with a piece of paper registration needs the yuan, registration after the game will have a Chicken, the player every day to manually harvest eggs, harvested eggs can be sold can also hatch into a chicken, the more chickens, the number of production will be more. Between the 0.5%-5% of daily productivity . The rate of productivity per day depends on the percentage of member growth and the profitability of the company's other games. A science and technology focus on innovative all kinds of hand-tour, other hand-tour will be docking a chicken game, members have a chicken has become one of the small shareholders. Chicks and eggs can be turned on and can be used in all major games and malls.

Shenzhen Science and Technology is the first real game and financial integration of the game development team, the company set up a squad and Korea original painting design company co-development, independent original operation of a chicken (Onechick) . The game uses the most popular game draws the wind design, unifies the game fun and the player to the financial thinking ability, lets the game promotion operation immediately hot ! a chicken is not only an investor, but also a real game consumer. We often compare investment and financial management into hens laying eggs, today, let us experience the happiest of the chicken money.

Chicken with a piece of paper system Development app, a chicken game development (Ying Hua: 138-0284-9410) micro-electric Same number "I am a system developer, non-operating customer service, players do not Disturb"


A Chicken game development app

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