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Because of the requirements of child Gakkan, and the environment of their own are mostly Linux, so personally feel php+mysql under the Linux experience is quite good .... So I started to learn PHP!

Here is a little bit of experience in learning PHP tags in various ways

echo "This is an XML-style tag";

<script languange= "PHP" >
Echo ' This is the script style tag ';

< This is a short-style mark; >

Echo ' This is an ASP-style tag ';

Note: The last two styles are required to change php.ini to be able to play a role, the method is as follows:

Short tag: you will need to set the _open_tag=on in PHP.ini, default is on, or add the –enable-short-tags option when PHP is compiled. (PHP version 3 can also be activated with the Short_tags () function by using the short tag.) ) 

ASP markup Style: need to open asp_tags = On in the php.ini config file;

Note: You should avoid using short marks when developing programs or libraries that need to be released, or on servers that the user cannot control. Because the target server may not support short tokens. For code porting and distribution, be sure not to use short marks.

It is generally recommended to use the first way ...

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