A little note on CSS knowledge points

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Responsive layout

<meta name= "viewport" content= "width=device-widh,initial-scale=1" > /* **width=device-widh: Page width defaults to screen width initial-scale=1: The initial size of the Web page occupies the screen area 100%** */ @media only screen and (min-width:640px) {} @media only screen and(min-width:600px) and (max-width:1024px){}

Open the Web site in a new window.

target= "_block"  

iphone Clear button Style


Blur background image

Filter:blur (15px);

Multi-line text display ellipsis

Overflow:hidden; text-overflow:ellipsis;    Overflow display ellipsis
White-space:nowrap; Text normal display -webkit-line-clamp:2; Compatible with poor -webkit-box-orient:vertical;

Border Style related content

border:0; Clear Border Properties

Input related content

The height of the input box will automatically center the contents of the inside
H5 form Default display text
Placeholder= "description"


CSS Height correlation

Can't remember where to see such a word, CSS can be set max-height,max-width do not set the Height,widthcss height setting is not valid, it is possible that it set the maximum height

CSS text related

Text-decoration:underline; Set Text underline

CSS positioning related

Keep the width of the document in the positioning, you can set width=100% or max-width, in some cases do not set left or right value

Write different styles for IE

CSS3 part

/**//**//**/ /**/



A little note on CSS knowledge points

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