A summary of the configuration and Git key generation for the phpstorm git environment

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Configuration of the GIT environment on Phpstorm The total feeling is very simple, did not find that seemingly simple things waste me a lot of time. I looked it up on the Internet. There is no specific summary of the configuration of the GIT environment for phpstorm so I have a brief summary of my own process.

Polygon is the step of my configuration environment

One: Install the Phpstorm and set up your favorite interface specific steps for phpstorm->file->setting->appearance&behavior->   Appearance after setting, click OK background color to become the classic black Two: Configure Git environment in Phpstorm (1) in file->setting choose Git (2) Click Git to choose the specific path of git installed (3) Next select Tools Select the Shell path and add--login-i after the path (4) Click OK to restart Phpstorm you can see the GIT environment build successfully three: Build git key pair build step (1): Set git user Name and email: $ git config--global user.name "Zhangsan"
$ git config--global user.email "zhangsan@gmail.com"
(2): Generate SSH Key procedure: 1. See if you already have an SSH key: CD ~/.ssh

If there is no key then there will be no such folder, there is a backup to delete
2. Survival key:

$ ssh-keygen-t rsa-c "zhangsan@gmail.com" Press 3 carriage return, the password is empty.

Finally, two files were obtained: Id_rsa and Id_rsa.pub

3: Add the encryption key to the Ssh:ssh-add file name before you enter the password. 4: Add SSH key on GitHub, add the public key to "Id_rsa.pub".

Open https://github.com/, log in to Zhangsan, and then add SSH.

5: Test: SSH git@github.com

Success: The authenticity of host ' github.com ( ' can ' t be established.

RSA key fingerprint is 16:27:ac:a5:76:28:2d:36:63:1b:56:4d:eb:df:a6:48.
is you
sure want to continue connecting (yes/no)? Yes
warning:permanently added ' github.com ,′ (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
Error:hi tekkub!   You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does isn't provide shell access Connection to
github.com closed.
Four: Get started with GitHub (1):. Get Source:
     $ git clone git@github.com:billyanyteen/github-services.git

(2):. So there's a repo on your machine.

(3):. Git is different from SVN, git is distributed, there is no server concept. All the people have a repo on the machine, each submission is to their own machine repo

Warehouse initialization:

    Git init

Generate a snapshot and deposit the project index:

  git add
Files, git rm,git mv, etc...

Project Index submission:

Git commit

(4):. Collaborative programming:

Merge the local repo with repo from the remote origin,

Push local update to remote:

Git push Origin Master

Update remote updates to Local:

Git pull Origin Master


To add a remote repo:

$ git remote add upstream git://github.com/pjhyett/github-services.git

To rename a remote repo:

$ git://github.com/pjhyett/github-services.git to "upstream"
Note: Bad file number issues occur during the first configuration of the keyspecifically because your. shh file lacks a config file, the specific content of this file is: Note that port 22 is the default SSH connection port, but this service has many weaknesses, so the system is not open by default. Of course, open it is a strategy, but since there are weaknesses, still do not move it, using another port to connect to SSH this new port can not be duplicated with the service port currently used by the program, and to ensure that open, see GitHub URL I think of the 443 port, it is used to support the HTTPS service. This port can be easily linked by default after configuration.  

A summary of the configuration and Git key generation for the phpstorm git environment

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