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U3d profile is also able to directly under the link Android device execution game to view, export the real machine link u3d profile View data, this can better test the detailed reasons.
probably looked at the official approach. I read a few posts and recorded them by the way.
References: http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Manual/Profiler.html
the profile data is measured with a An Zuojin machine. In fact there are two ways to WiFi and the ADB way.

In fact, the general use of the ADB way, because very few cases are your computer and mobile phone is on the same subnet WiFi. Unless it's your personal network.

1. In the way of WiFi. This method requires that the computer is located on the network and the mobile phone is located in the network under the same sub-network ability. (1) When exporting U3d project, check profile, install game to mobile phone. (2) when opening the game, open the Window->profiler at the same time and select Enter IP. Even on it.

2. In the ADB way. Notice if the firewall is blocking out the 54998~55511port, if the shield is turned on.

(1) Select profile when exporting the U3D project. Install the game to the phone. (2) Open the cmd command line, CD to the ADB root folder, and enter the following command. Change the following "Add your package name" to the name you have packaged for your game, the bundle Identifier. For example: COM.COMPANY.AAA.

adb forward tcp:54999 localabstract:unity-here Add your package name
(3) when the game is opened. Open Window->profiler at the same time and choose Androidprofiler ([email protected]:54999) to connect.
original link: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_5b6cb9500101ehz0.html-----------------------------------------------------
attached:command line forms specify device methods via ADB connection when multiple devices are online

1. Obtain the serial number of all online devices through the ADB devices command.


List of devices attached
emulator-5554 Device
sh0a6pl00243 Device

The above indicates that there are currently two devices online. The first emulator-5554 is a simulator. The latter one is a real chance to sh0a6pl00243.

2. Send the ADB command to the device via Adb-s <serial number> cmd.

Example: Execute the command shell.

c:\users\administrator>adb - s sh0a6pl00243 Shell

Example: down an app's database to the local f:\test folder below.

c:\users\administrator>adb - s sh0a6pl00243 Pull data/data/com.android.tencent/databases/agendadetails.db f:\test
555 kb/s (5120 bytes in 0.009s)

The same as executing the pull command, it is only necessary to add the-s <serial number> between ADB and CMD.

About Android Real Machine Tuning Profiler

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