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Find the information on the Internet if the parameters are passed through JavaScript, if the parameters are encoded using the encodeURIComponent function, in PHP need to use the Rawurldecode function decoding, But when I was doing the experiment, I found that the encodeuricomponent encoded strings in PHP were displayed correctly (and the printed text is displayed normally after decoding with Rawurldecode). I think it is not Apache or PHP where this control option can be automatically decoded?   Ask tall man pointing? URI encoding is canonical, and many Web servers are now automatically encoded and decoded.
The format is: "%" hex hex
If decoded once, no%xx of course decoding also no meaning, but if the automatic decoding, do not own manual decoding, superfluous, but also may be wrong.
There is no need to make an option to control the decoding, like your home phone, no idiot will say to the telecom do not turn the other person's voice into sound, pass an audio stream to me, unless you want to make a phone call.
If you really want to decode yourself, do not use PHP, you write an Apache module, all of your own decoding, even including HTTP packets.

Automatic decoding, the encoding should be handled by the PHP module itself, because Perl does not automatically decode, you need to call the CGI module decoding. No decoding is required with encodeuricomponent. Direct use, Rhino book recommended to use this ...
Why?? See Http://www.google.cn/search?hl=zh-CN&q=encodeURIComponent&btnG=Google+%E6%90%9C%E7%B4%A2&meta=

As for the encodeURIComponent encoded, you use Rawurldecode decoding or normal, because the content is not decoded ...

Decoding of encoded URL strings (PHP 3, PHP 4, PHP 5)

String Rawurldecode (String str)

Returns a string that is replaced by a sequence of percent semicolons (%) followed by a two-digit hexadecimal number in this string.

About Rawurldecode PHP automatic decoding

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