About the slow resolution of the Android SDK Manager update

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Because my c disk is relatively small, the Android SDK is installed on the C drive, then the things he downloaded will also default to the C drive. So I chose to install the other disks.

And I found that Android SDK Manager can open multiple windows, so if each window is very slow, we can speed up the download speed.

Don't download all of the Android SDK manager downloads. Full download of more than 50 g, a lot of useless, just need to download the necessary platforms and some other small things.

In addition, I downloaded all the platforms (Http://yunpan.cn/ccqv8KirPwG7J access password 1d6d), just install the Android SDK Manager First, then download the files I provided, Copy the files I provided to platforms this folder, and then reopen the Android SDK manager to see that the required platforms have been installed successfully, but the file I gave only contains platforms, After installing this, we also need to download a few other very small necessary tools (Android support Library in extra). Simulator can not use this own, if you want to, also just download a version of the can, do not download so much, I recommend the use of third-party simulator Genymotion (official website: http://www.genymotion.net/)

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About the slow resolution of the Android SDK Manager update

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