ABP (modern ASP. NET template Development Framework) Topic Offline Seminar (Shanghai) Start registration!

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ABP Theme Offline Seminar (Shanghai) Start registration

The ABP is "ASP. Boilerplate Project (ASP. NET Template project) "for short. It is a new starting point for developing modern Web applications using best practices and popular technologies.

The ABP is not enough to know the friend, you can first look at the "DDD-based Modern ASP.--ABP Series 1, ABP Overview "

About the event

The long-awaited ABP offline communication activities are about to begin, please confirm the time and location, please ensure that you can come to the registration.

The purpose of this Exchange meeting: Learn from each other ABP related experience, promote. NET technical exchange, making friends, talent and job opportunities docking

The event location is located in my (Shanghai-yangming) company, the large conference room can accommodate more than 30 people, as well as a number of small meeting rooms and independent communication space. The event will save some of the venue costs, as well as a carefully prepared fruit dessert from the operation map Company.

Because the site is limited, and in order to ensure the quality of the exchange, may not guarantee that each of the registered friends can come to participate, please forgive me! We will try to record videos to share to friends who cannot attend.

Have not joined the QQ group of Friends please Dabigatran: 134710707

Time and place of activity

Date: July 11, 2015 (Saturday) 13:00-18:00
Venue: 15 Floor, building 11th, 599, Yun Ling East Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
(Baidu map Search "Cloud Ridge East Road 599 Lane 11th Building", must add "building 11th", otherwise you will go far! )

Subway route: Line Line 2 Weining Road Station exit 4th (distance 1.2 km, walk about 15 minutes)
Line Line 13 True North Road station exit 1th (distance 1.5 km, walk about 20 minutes)

Activity flow

13:00 ~ 13:30 Sign In
13:30 ~ 14:00 We all know each other.
15:20 ABP topic Sharing
15:20 ~ 15:40 Closed
15:40 ~ 17:00 Open Theme Exchange
17:00 ~ 18:00 Job Opportunity Introduction

Activity content

First, we know each other (1 minutes per person to introduce themselves)
1. Name and network name in the group
2. Working years and technical advantages
3. How familiar the ABP is
Ii. ABP Theme Sharing (shared by yangming)
1. The origin of the ABP project
2. Technical points and design ideas involved in ABP
3. The ABP framework's functional characteristics and usage scenarios
4. Case Demo + code auto-generation
Iii. Open Theme Exchange (free to speak)
1. Experience and issues with ABP
2. How to benefit more people. NET new technology
3. Free Play
Iv. Job Opportunity Introduction (partner with Yangming)
1. Operation Map Company Introduction
2. Recruitment positions and requirements
3. The applicant communicates separately

Online Registration Address:


I hope that more domestic architects will be able to focus on the ABP project, and perhaps it will help you, perhaps with your participation, this project can develop better.

Welcome to add ABP Architecture Design Exchange QQ Group: 134710707

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ABP (modern ASP. NET template Development Framework) Topic Offline Seminar (Shanghai) Start registration!

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