Add react-native-icons Chinese fool-style tutorial

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The benefits of icon I will not say more, directly to see the tutorial:

is the English version of the tutorial, we follow his steps to do:
1, open Xcode First, don't teach it.

Right-click on your project and choose Add Files to "show your project name inside";

2, select Path node_modules ? react-native-icons ? ios ? addReactNativeIcons.xcodeproj 点Add

3. Select the project directory, to the right Build Phases ?Link Binary With Libraries,并点击+,




7, select Node_modules/react-native-icons/ios/reactnativeicons/libraries/fontawesomekit by Path,

PS: Here is a small Mac tips, first press SHIFT to select, and then press COM to remove the do not select;


9, come out, look at the picture.



PS: If your project is half done, preview only a red box, don't see the icon, manually start Xcode, do not use the command line, or uninstall the virtual machine to the app, reinstall.

Add react-native-icons Chinese fool-style tutorial

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