Aeai esb-ESB-based Web services development

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Web Services are a common solution for ESB middleware, which enables different applications running on different machines to exchange data or integrations without the help of additional, specialized third-party software or hardware. applications that are implemented according to the WEB Service specification can exchange data with each other, regardless of the language, platform, or internal protocol they are using.

Aeaiesb provides a very convenient way to create a service, this document is mainly for the reader to explain how to use the ESB to create a simple Web service interface.

2.Sample Example
    • To create the WebService service in the WS directory right click on "Create web service ", such as:

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    • Configure the Web Service Wizard service name fill in "HelloWorld"and click Finish.

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    • Service Design Right click "Add Action ", the action name fill "SayHello", enter the parameter name to words, in the operation name right click "Binding Process " , select Quick Start folder. Ctrl + S saves the service configuration.

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    • Initialize Web service right -HelloWorld the service name and click "Initialize Web service ".

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    • Process Design The bundled message flow can be found in the Quick Start folder, as shown in the process design:

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    • write the output text " Inside Code

Package Com.aeai.demo.messageflows.helloworldsayhello;



import Com.agileai.esb.core.AttributeMap;;;

Public class JavaInvoker3 extends invokerservice{

Public SayHello Getrequest () {

AttributeMap sourcereq = (attributemap)this. Getmessageflow (). Getrequest ();

return (SayHello) Sourcereq.get ("Soapreqobject");


Public Sayhelloresponse GetResponse () {

AttributeMap sourcersp = (attributemap)this. Getmessageflow (). GetResponse ();

return (sayhelloresponse) Sourcersp.get ("Soaprspobject");


Public void Invoke () throws adapteexception{

String words =getrequest (). Getwords ();

GetResponse (). Setreturn ("Say:" + words);



    • Deploy message Flow Right-click the service name and tap deploy Web Services .

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    • Test Web Services We use the SoapUI tool here to test WebService, launch SoapUI, and the interface looks like this:

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    • Configure SoapUI new SoapUI project, paste the Web service address into the Initialwsdl/wadl box in the pop-up box , and click OK"is complete.

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    • Execution The Web service selects the SayHello action in project , resolves the contents of the SOAP envelope, and the parameter words Fill in "Hello!" ", click Execute 650) this.width=650;" Src= " Wkiom1rkaasqwokoaaad9dez4pu424.jpg "title=" Anniu.png "alt=" wkiom1rkaasqwokoaaad9dez4pu424.jpg "/>" button, right back the Web service return value.

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Aeai esb-ESB-based Web services development

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