Ajax dynamic delivery JSP and other pages using ID identification to pass objects

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This article for everyone to introduce the use of AJAX Dynamic transfer JSP page, JS Jax writing, using ID to identify the delivery of objects

Ajax Dynamic Delivery page, JS Ajax writing, using ID to identify the delivery object For example: Now there is a demand, a page, divided into about two pieces, the left navigation menu has a user list information function button, want to on the right without a refresh situation load user data, list display. We define two JSP main.jsp userlist.jsp main.jsp has a div id= ' userlist ' layer on the right side, responsible for accepting userlist.jsp userlist processing list data for loops by passing over Jstl    foreach tags can be main.jsp Click the User list button to trigger the following JS Doajax ("userlist", access requests, to the background processing, background query db to get the data, passed to the userlist.jsp page); This allows users to see the current user data loaded without refreshing, avoiding the usual JSON processing or ifram loading
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