Ajax request can not redirect the problem to explore and solve "reference, reference"

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"Statement" This article is to solve the personal project encountered in the AJAX request and redirect problems, referring to a number of netizens blog and comments, thank these netizens!

1. Reasons and Solutions (refer to users, only for later query)

Response.sendredirect do the principle of steering, it is actually sent to the browser a special header, and then by the browser to do the steering, to the specified page, so when using Sendredirect, the browser address bar can see the change of address.

While the AJAX request is a partial refresh, the default is not to support redirection or forwarding, so the request needs to be judged:

Example of a rights interceptor code:

Page to set the global JS, overriding the Ajax complete method

Finally, add Rightajax to the AJAX request before you need to make a permission decision to show the results.

Ajax request can not redirect the problem to explore and solve "reference, reference"

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