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JavaScript face test requirements: The following topics must be from one to four, select three questions, use the original code to achieve, do not use any framework, the fifth is entitled Selected questions.

JavaScript face test requirements: The following topics must be from one to four questions, choose three questions, using the native code to achieve, can not make
In any framework, the fifth is entitled "Optional questions".

One, in the fixed area of the page to achieve the display of pictures

1. Each click of the right arrow, the picture area to the left to roll out a picture, vice versa;
2. When the picture is scrolled to the end, the response arrow becomes an unreachable state;
3. Mouse in the picture area sliding wheel, the picture will be the direction of the mouse wheel in response to the rolling;

Second, with JS, HTML, CSS implementation of a pop-up hint control:
1. Implement the system-like alert, Confirm, prompt dialog box respectively;
2. dialog box size according to the prompts to adapt (there is a minimum width), the default appears in the horizontal vertical center of the page position;
3. dialog box can be dragged;
4. Events in the dialog box simulate the System dialog box (for example, Alert dialog box, click OK button, the dialog box disappears);
5. Solve the problem that IE6 is obscured by select control;

Automatic matching of input box

1. The characters entered in the input box to match, will be matched to the contents of the menu displayed in the form below the input box; 2. Matches only for English characters, and the matching content is bold in the menu;
3. Through the keyboard on the up and down arrows can select the menu, press ENTER after the selected content to write to the input box;

Iv. Implement a Level two menu control on the page

1. This control can be bound to any element on the page, when clicked page element appears menu;
2. The direction in which the menu appears is automatically adjusted based on the location of the page, for example:
3. The elements in the first level menu, after the mouse stroke, will appear in the corresponding position level two menu, level two menu elements
Click there will be an event response

Implementation of a WYSIWYG editor (optional)
You need to provide the following features:
1. Font bold;
2. Text left-aligned, right-aligned, centered;
3. Set the font;
4. Set the font size;
5. Set the font color;
6. Insert the hyperlink;
7. Insert Picture;

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