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Excellent and useful collection of PHP tools views: 1141 Release Date: 2013/09/04 Category: Technology sharing PHP is one of the most widely used server-side open source scripting languages, many excellent open source programs are built on PHP, such as the famous WordPress, Pligg and so on countless.

The latest statistics show that there are more than 20 million servers running all kinds of PHP applications worldwide, and it is as good as Python and Ruby! PHP's efficiency and practicality are no doubt, PHP open source organization for its development of a large number of library support, we have no reason not to use this free and open source powerful tool.

Foreign famous website Smashingmagazine has brought 50 excellent and useful PHP tools, including PHP code testing, optimization tools, image processing tools, and the development process must be the software configuration management tools, I believe these tools can make use of PHP friends!

50 excellent and useful PHP tools:

First, PHP code debugging Tools


The webgrind perfectly supports PHP 5, which is quick and easy to install and can run across multiple platforms.

Xdebug is a very extensive PHP code debugging tool that provides a number of tools to help you identify potential bugs in your program, and it is supported by a lot of PHP development tools to be used as a specialized test tool for inheritance in these development tools, such as PHPEclipse, Phpdesigner and so on.

gubed PHP Debugger
Php_debug is an open source PHP code debugging tool that provides useful information in many ways to help you troubleshoot problems in your code, and integrates performance testing tools such as PHP code execution Time and SQL statement execution time.

Second, PHP code testing, optimization tools

PHPUnit: A JUnit component testing tool based on PHP 5.

The simpletest is a highly integrated PHP code testing tool.

Selenium: A professional automatic web site PHP Code testing tool, more focused on the UI input and output data testing.

A PHP tool that focuses on testing classes, objects, arrays, and XML files.

PHP Profile Class
Third, document management tools

Phpdocumentor: A famous PHP code management tool, support PHP source code to HTML, PDF, CHM and other formats of document output.
Iv. Security-type Tools

Securimage: A handy image format Captcha tool.
Scavenger: A real-time attack detection tool.
Php-ids: An illegal sneak detection tool.
Pixy: A hazard Code inspection tool that detects potentially destructive code from programmers themselves or external information submissions.
Five, graphic image processing tools

php/swf Charts
Pchart-a chart-drawing PHP Library

Magickwand for PHP
Vi. PHP code format processing Tools

These tools can help you to format the source code according to your needs, such as code indentation and segmentation, which is clearly structured, easy to reuse and manage.

Geshi-generic Syntax Highlighter
VII. Configuration Management Tools (version control)

There is a relatively important aspect of software configuration management-the maintenance of the Code repository, which facilitates cross-development, maintenance, and post-release backtracking of the same version, which is especially important for large projects, with the following two tools to help you well.

Viii. PHP Extensions, Toolset, class library support


This tool can be used for PHP RSS parsing.

HTML Purifier: This tool can be used to remove all malicious code (XSS), but also to ensure that your page complies with the standard specifications.
TCPDF: A PHP5 function package that can be used to quickly generate PDF files.
Htmlsql: A set of PHP classes that make it easy for you to retrieve HTML and XML content using similar SQL statements.
The greatest PHP Snippet File ever (Using QuickText for notepad++)
Creole: This tool, written in PHP 5, is a truly OO layer that contains a rich JDBC-based API interface.
PHPLINQ: helps you easily use SQL syntax to manipulate PHP arrays to avoid improper array initialization and overflow

This tool can help you easily create similar complex mathematical expressions using scripting languages.

PhpMyAdmin: We are familiar with a SQL management tool, provide a complete GUI environment to help you operate MySQL.
Phpexcel: A group of Ms Office Excel documents generates a class library.
Phormer: Lightweight PHP album.
Xajax PHP Class Library: Open source PHP libraries to help you easily achieve a variety of Ajax effects.
PHP User class:php Users management class library support.
PHP-GTK: Use PHP-GTK to help you easily create PHP applications that have a nice GUI (user graphics interface).
Ix. PHP Online tools and resources


The tool is developed using PHP5 to consolidate applications that compress js/css files, and the results of merging compression can be optimized for client-side caching through HTTP gzip/deflate and some related headers.

Http_staticmerger:css and JavaScript files are automatically "merged".
PHP Object Generator

A PHP code generator that can generate concise and testable object-oriented code for your PHP4/PHP5 application.


This tool can help you create widgets easily.

Koders: Open source Search component.
PECL: This PHP extension contains information about the different libraries provided by the PHP development team.
X. Browser extension Component tool (Firefox extension)


The firephp is a firebug-based extension that can be used to easily output PHP debugging information in the Firebug console without affecting the normal operation of the PHP program.


A PHP Function library interpretation tool.

PHP Lookup: Is a built-in search bar to help you quickly find referenced PHP syntax.
PHP Manual Search: A handy search bar that searches for official PHP documents from your Web browser.
For more extension applications, please refer to: [Photos] 15 web development tools based on browser extensions

Xi. PHP Framework Support

DWOO:PHP5 's template engine.

PHP Framework for Agile Software Development.

YII Framework: A high-performance, component-based PHP framework.
NetBeans: Powerful PHP extension framework support set, with a sophisticated GUI interface, to become a powerful PHP development tools.

Symfony: An open-source PHP web framework that accelerates the creation and maintenance of Web applications.
Propel: An OR mapping (Object relational Mapping) framework for PHP5. It allows you to use objects instead of SQL to read and write rows in a database table.
{{macro}} template engine

Zend Framework: An open source PHP5 development framework that can be used to develop web programs and services.

A framework for agile development based on the PHP5 adoption of MVC architecture and CRUD code generation capabilities.

Sajax:sajax is a modular way of making Ajax applications that make application development smoother through scheduled, dynamic function calls.
Smarty: A template engine that implements the logic layer and presentation layer of the MVC development pattern using PHP.

An open source PHP on Rails full-stack framework.

Savant2: A php template engine that uses PHP function directly and makes reasonable restrictions.
Phpspec: A concise PHP framework.
12. PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE), editor


A powerful eclipse environment for the development of PHP plug-ins, including the main features include: PHP parsing, debugging, code formatting, outline view, code template customization and so on.


A set of PHP integrated development environments in a Windows environment.


A lightweight PHP integrated development tool, the Code Editor features a particularly powerful, support online preview.

Zend Studio

An excellent PHP development environment under eclipse for developing RIAS applications with rich interfaces.

Aptana PHP: An excellent open source IDE development environment that works with Aptana studio.
PDT: A development tool framework dedicated to providing a fully functional PHP integrated development environment on top of the eclipse platform.
Vs.php: As the name implies, the plugin allows us to be in visual Studio. NET development tools to focus on PHP program development, such as running the ASAP application using vs.php.
Phpedit: This IDE tool focuses on providing powerful code editor support, such as syntax highlighting, code hinting, code recognition, code indentation, and other common functions, as well as the integration of PHP debugger and a user to use the Help document Generation tool.

An excellent and useful collection of PHP tools

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