Analysis and Comparison of mainstream HTML5 game framework (Construct2, ImpactJS, CreateJS, Cocos2d-html5

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This article mainly selects Construct2, ImactJS, LimeJS, GameMaker, CreateJS, lycheeJS, Crafty, three. js, melonJS, Turbulenz, Quintus, Cocos2d-html5 and so on are briefly introduced and compared, mainly according to the online data.

Comparison of mainstream frameworks
Construct2Construct 2 is a game production tool running on the Windows platform, it allows users without any programming basics to quickly develop a program that runs on all platforms (such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS) without writing a line of code in a short time) game. The free version can export the game to HTML5. The paid version is divided into individual edition (£ 79) and Enterprise Edition (£ 259). You can export the versions of all platforms and provide more special effects and music. If you use this tool to earn more than $5000, You need to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition.

Advantages: 1. Easy to use and real-time game running
2. A powerful event system can control the game logic without writing code.
3. interfaces with programmable scalability are provided.
4. provides a large number of special effects and supports physical effects.
5. Support for all platforms
6. Complete documentation and Community Support

Disadvantage: it is better to write code flexibly.

References: 1. Official Website
2. Construct 2 vs. Javascript

ImpactJSImpactJS is a JavaScript-based HTML5 game engine that supports both PC and mobile platform browsers. It is currently the most popular HTML5 game engine in addition to Construct2 and requires $99 for use.

1. provides a flexible level editor to quickly build game maps
2. provides powerful debugging tools
3. Ejecta is provided to render JavaScript execution results through OpenGL, which can achieve similar efficiency with native applications on iOS platform.
4. Complete documentation. There are two books dedicated to ImpactJS Development
5. Support for physical effects
6. Support Self-writing plug-ins for extension

App Store games
1. Biolab Disaster
2. Drop JS

LimeJSLimeJS is an HTML5 game framework developed based on Google Closure Library. It inherits the features of easy-to-read and easy-to-understand Closure code and clear architecture. It also provides encapsulation of various general entities in the game, such as Director, Scene, Layer, Event, and Animation, similar to Cocos2d APIs. It was created by Digital Fruit.

1. Open-source framework based on Apache Protocol
2. Powerful functions and complete documentation, similar to ImactJS
3. Support for physical effects
4. Similar to Cocos2d APIs, it is easy to use

Dependent on Google Closure
Similar to Construct 2, GameMakerGameMaker is a game production tool that can be exported to various platforms for running, including the free version, standard version ($49.99), and professional version ($99.99) and Master edition ($799.99 ). The free version can only be exported to Mac and Windows versions. To export HTML5, you need the master version or professional version (an additional 99.99 USD ).

Advantages and disadvantages:
The advantage is similar to Construct2, but the cost-effectiveness is not as high as Construct2
CreateJS (EaselJS)
CreateJS is an open-source development framework officially sponsored by Adobe. Most of its APIs are implemented based on the original Flash APIs. In addition, it provides tools to directly convert Flash animation into JS data packets, it is convenient to call. CreateJS provides several development kits and tools: EaselJS (responsible for graphics, events, touch, filter, and other functions), TweenJS (Compensation animation), and SoundJS (audio control), PreloadJS (file loading) and Zo transform (generating image Genie and animation data ).

1. Flash developers are easy to use
2. A Flash-to-html5 tool is provided to convert and modify some Flash code.
3. Open-source framework based on MIT Protocol
4. The class library design is very independent. It contains different modules and can be used selectively.

LycheeJS is an environment-independent JavaScript game engine that can be run in any environment that supports JavaScript. Its philosophy is to be the fastest JavaScript game engine.

1. supports both PC (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and IE) and mobile platforms (WebKit, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari)
2. Support for CDN, WebSockets, SPDY, HTTP2.0, and games
3. provides the ability to directly export third-party (Facebook, AppStore, and Google Play Store) Resource Packages for release.
4. Open-source framework based on MIT Protocol

CraftyCrafty is a small, simple, and lightweight 2D HTML5 game engine. It provides Canvas or DOM to draw entities and supports sprite Map and SAT advanced collision monitoring. It was created by Louis Stowasser and developed by developers on Github.

1. Small Size
2. Lightweight engines are not bound by too many frameworks
3. Support both PC and mobile platform browsers

Three. jsThree. js is a lightweight JavaScript library used to create and display 3D images in a browser. It can be drawn using Canvas, SVG, or WebGL at the same time.

Advantages and disadvantages:
3D is supported, but not suitable for 2D games.
MelonJSmelonJS is the crystallization of melonJS team's enthusiasm for Javascript and development experience. It is a simple, free, and independent class library.

1. Lightweight 2D Engine
2. Support for all mainstream PC and mobile platform browsers
3. Support Using Tiled map editor to create and edit maps
4. Support for multi-channel audio
5. Open-source framework based on the MIT Protocol

Turbulenz is an open-source HTML5 game engine that provides sdks that can run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It allows developers to create high-quality and hardware-accelerated 2D and 3D games. Includes the following features: asynchronous resource loading, special effects and particle rendering, support for physical effects, collision detection, animation, 3D sound effects, network interaction, social network sharing, scenario and resource management.

1. Powerful functions, supporting both 2D and 3D
2. Open Source engine based on MIT Protocol

Quintus is an easy-to-use, lightweight, and modular HTML5 game engine. It references the object-oriented idea for HTML5 game development and relies on jQuery to provide event processing mechanisms and element selection operations.

1. dependent on jQuery
2. the engine is still in its infancy and is not yet mature.
Cocos2d-html5 is a 2D Open Source Free HTML5 Game Engine Based on Cocos2d-x APIs. It is currently rendered using canvas and will support WebGL in the future. It is led by the core team of domestic Cocos2d-x development and maintenance, industry leaders, HTML5 promoter Google to provide support for this project. At the same time, Zynga, Google and other large companies are also involved in its design work.

Advantages: 1. Similar to Cocos2d APIs, it is easy to use
2. Complete Chinese documents and rich materials
3. Open Source engine based on MIT Protocol

Comparison of specific parameters of various frameworks
1. Comparison of HTML5 Game frameworks HTML5 Game Engines
2. List of JS Game Engines
3. For the Crafty, Lime, Frozen, Melon, Impact, and Quintus frameworks, you can view the effects and code styles of developing the same game using these engines on Breakouts. Features used in Breakouts include collision detection, Genie animation, sound effects, maps, scenario switching, interaction, text rendering, and mobile platform support.
4. Among the above engines, except Construct2, ImpactJS, and GameMaker are charged, other engines are free and open-source. For open-source engines, we can learn the popularity of the open-source engine from the attention on Github. The more people are concerned, the easier it is to solve problems. At the same time, in general, the more project developers, the faster the version is, and the longer the project is, the more mature it is. The following compares the number of developers, project start time, and attention of open-source engines.
Game Engine Github commits Github contributors Start time Github Star Github Fork
LimeJS 532 22 2011.1.19 1091 187
EaselJS 784 15 2011.1.23 2758 650
LycheeJS 4 1 2012.9.5 110 20
Crafty 1182 67 2010.11.5 993 225
Three. js 6409 198 2010.3.23 12691 2816
MelonJS 1287 15 2011.4.11 643 137
Turbulenz 736 12 2013.4.26 (Open Source only recently) 1522 207
Quintus 118 11 2012.8.4 450 89
Cocos2d-html5 2706 39 2012.1.28 735 303

In conclusion, Construct2, ImpactJS, and GameMaker are charged for each of the above engines. Construct2 and GameMaker are more like game development tools, so they do not need to write a line of code to create a game, it is more suitable for people without programming basics. ImpactJS, as a high-quality framework, is easy to expand. Although it is charged, it is worth the money.

Among open-source engines, three. js is the most popular, but it is limited to developing 3D games. The second is CreateJS, which is officially sponsored by Adobe and uses APIs similar to Flash and modular development. It is a rare choice for Flash developers to convert Flash games into html5. Although Turbulenz is open-source for a long time, it is quite a trend for later generations. Due to its support for both 2D and 3D, it is the best choice for simultaneous development of 2D and 3D games. Compared with Crafty, LimeJS has the advantage that a company performs maintenance, which is more stable than an individual, but relies on Google Closure to make LimeJS a heavyweight framework. Crafty is small and lightweight, and is more suitable for the development of small games. Cocos2d-html5 as a domestic framework of an advantage in Chinese documents and tutorials, and get the support of Google, but compared with ImpactJS, CreateJS is still not mature enough. There are few developers and users of melonJS, Quintus, and lycheeJS, and there are still few documents and tutorials to be observed.
Reference 1. JavaScript Game Engine Comparison

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