Analyzing Ossim Database with MySQL Workbench tool

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analyzing Ossim Database with MySQL Workbench tool

MySQL Workbench is a e/r Database modeling tool designed for MySQL. It is a successor to the famous Database design tool DBDesigner4 . You can use MySQL Workbench to design and create new database diagrams, create database documents, and perform complex MySQL migrations. MySQL Workbench is the next generation of Visual Database design, management tools, it also has open source and commercialization of two versions. Can run on Windows,Linux,Mac platforms, the following walkthrough is explained under Windows 7.

Objective: Use Workbench Tool Remote analysis Ossim database.


l Native access to the virtual machine in the Ossim database .

l This machine IP is a 192.168.0/24 network segment .

l Virtual machines: Vmware Workstation.

l VM: ossim nic in NAT mode .

l Ossim IP : .

l Gateway:

Note: It is recommended that readers do not Use Chinese MySQL Workbench, that program often has unexpected errors.

(1) Setting

in the MySQL Do the following in the , For remote connections , as shown in 1.

(2)for ease of commissioning, theiptables–ftemporarily remove the rule. Next we areWindowsinstalled onWorkbench, start the backupOssimdata. First create a new connection with the nameossim_db, the connection method uses a standardTCP/IPprotocol, and then enterOssimof the hostIPAddress "", Database Port3306,logged in userRoot,Enter a password,2is shown.

Figure 2 login Screen

(3) The system shows the database process everywhere,3 shows , we should pay attention to the export path.

Figure 3 backing up the database

the process of importing a database is also fairly easy,as shown in 4 .

Figure 4 Importing a database

(4) analyze ossim Database Relationship -(Draw e-r graph)

The first step : Select Database menu under the "Reverse Engineer" button, pay attention to not worry about connecting to the databases. as shown in 5.

Fig . 5 Reverse Engineer

Step Two: Configure the parameters, enter the host IP and Port 6 are shown.

Figure 6 Configuring Hosts IP and Port

Next, choose "conect to DBMS" and "Retrieve Schema List from Database" and select button 7.

Figure 7 connecting the database

Figure 8 Selecting a database

There are four databases in OSSIM4.10 at this point, select one or more as needed, and choose "avcener"here,as shown in 9 . Next choose the Execute button and follow the prompts to select it.

Figure 9

Set the association,as shown in.

Figure View Database Associations

The use of MySQL on the analysis of Ossim Database Workbench more efficient, in the future will introduce you more exciting content.

Analyzing Ossim Database with MySQL Workbench tool

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