And Pat Cloud SSL certificate New on-line, provide one-stop HTTPS security solution

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With the rapid development of the Internet, cloud services have already been integrated into everyone's daily life, and Internet security is closely related to the development of the Internet, which involves the confidentiality, completeness, usability, authenticity and controllability of information. And Pat the cloud on the line a number of OV & EV SSL certificates, in collaboration with several international top CA institutions, provide a one-stop HTTPS security solution that is secure at your fingertips.

HTTPS encryption era, SSL certificate shoulder The responsibility of network security

HTTP protocol is the foundation of Internet Protocol, the development of the Internet has been widely used, but it is transmitted through the plaintext, can not guarantee the security of data transmission process, resulting in information leakage, data tampering, traffic hijacking, phishing attacks and other security issues occur frequently. To address this security issue, HTTPS was born.

Web site through the deployment of SSL certificate, during data transmission, the establishment of secure information transmission encryption channel, to ensure the confidentiality of information transmission, through the information encryption technology to the address bar into "https" beginning, between the client browser and the Web server to establish an SSL secure encryption channel, access to the site, By identifying the identity information of the certificate owner, confirming the authenticity of the website, it can effectively guarantee the data security and solve the problem of the search engine and the traffic hijacking of the major sites.

At present, Google, Baidu has adjusted its search engine algorithm, will use HTTPS encrypted sites in the search rankings more forward. The website uses HTTPS protocol, can attract more users to visit, enhance the value of the website.

A number of top-level CA architecture cooperation, and the cloud SSL certificate new online

and Pat Cloud Multi-type SSL certificate

And Pat the cloud with a number of top-level CA institutions to provide Symantec, GeoTrust, Trustasia, let's Encrypt all kinds of DV, OV, EV SSL certificate purchase, to ensure the certificate strength and reliability. Users only need to submit the domain name, fill in the necessary information, you can complete the purchase of certificates, the steps are simple and convenient, the purchase cycle is greatly shortened. And Pat Cloud SSL certificate currently supports all major browsers and mobile devices.

In addition, certificate self-service management, centralized monitoring, requisitions, deployment without manual assistance, public key, private key more secure, so that users worry, rest assured, improve work efficiency. At the same time, users can apply for free Trustasia, let's Encrypt DV SSL single domain certificate, to help users 0 of the cost of full-site HTTPS.

If the user also purchased a cloud CDN service at the same time, you can also choose to deploy the SSL certificate in the CDN Accelerator products, while the website is HTTPS, but also enjoy the high-quality HTTPS acceleration solution.

Building a cloud security ecosystem is imperative

In the big data, the artificial intelligence popularization today, the data security question cannot neglect, as the domestic well-known enterprise class cloud service provider, also patted the cloud already with the international top CA organization to reach the strategic cooperation, together builds the security cloud ecology, we will take the mature security technology and the simple operation promotion and the HTTPS encryption security escalation, Elevate Internet security to a new level.

Also Pat Cloud OV & EV SSL certificate, can complete certificate purchase within 5 days, details about: Https://

And Pat Cloud SSL certificate New on-line, provide one-stop HTTPS security solution

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