Android ADB server didn ' t ACK * failed to start daemon * Simple and effective solution

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ADB server didn ' t ACK this problem will be annoyed a lot of novice friends, I have just started to do Android when also encountered this problem, but their own Baidu, Google what, do not know how to solve, see a lot of new friends in the group will ask this question, To tell the truth I do not have a solution to this problem of the ultimate method (hundred test lark of the kind, haha), I did not encounter nor serious to treat him, today, is today, I opened Eclipse connected to the phone, ready to debug the program, the following information appears

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    1. The connection to ADB are down, and a severe error has occured.
    2. You must restart ADB and Eclipse.
    3. Please ensure this adb is correctly located at ' D:\android-2.2-windows\platform-tools\adb.exe ' and can be executed.

Then I did what he wanted to do, restart Eclipse and ADB, then confirm the ADB path is correct, and then when I run the program again, still not, then I started Baidu, a friend said first run ADB under DOS Kill-server (you have to match the path of your adb in the environment variable or into the Adb.exe directory), and then in ADB start-server, when I run ADB start-server, the DOS appears the following message

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    1. * Daemon not running. Starting it now *
    2. ADB server didn ' t ACK
    3. * Failed to start daemon *

And then run the program or not, repeated a lot of old do not, and a friend said in the task manager to find Adb.exe, and then shut down, restart Eclipse, I opened the Task manager, found that no Adb.exe found at all, then I cried, and then I calm down, Know some friends encounter this error is because pea pod what the software occupies the Adb.exe port, my computer does not have the Pea pod installed, and then I want to see who occupies the ADB port, I found from the Internet adb.exe using the port is 5037, then I will introduce the solution to you

  • View Port 5037 is occupied by WHO, start-run--cmd to the command prompt, enter  netstat-aon|findstr "5037", such as                                    ,         &NB Sp                         &NBSP  
  • We can not see from the above the 5037 port is occupied by WHO, we need to follow the PID (2748) to find the application that occupies the port, enter Tasklist|findstr "2748", such as                                  ,         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                          ,         &NB Sp                                  &NBS P                          ,         &NB Sp &nBsp                                 Note: I here 5037 port is correct is occupied by Adb.exe, if it is you, is the other application
  • End the process, enter taskkill/f/t/im your process name, such as Adb.exe, for example, when reconnecting your phone, you will find that the program is running.

Although this problem is not a big problem, but for the novice is also a more difficult problem, so I will solve this problem in my own way here, I hope to give a little help to people who encounter this problem, if I write the article to you a little help please help me to top the article, thank you!

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Android ADB server didn ' t ACK * failed to start daemon * Simple and effective solution

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