Android Adt-bundle and Hello World

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Original address: 1. Download the Java JDK First
    1. The following environment variables are added to the system variables, such as environment variables, properties---
    2. The Java_home value is: D:\Program files\java\jdk1.6.0_18 ( the directory where you installed the JDK )
    3. The Classpath value is:.; %java_home%\lib\tools.jar;%java_home%\lib\dt.jar;%java_home%\bin;
    4. Path: Append%java_home%\bin at the beginning;
    5. Note: setting environment variables in the previous four steps is not necessary for building an Android development environment and can be skipped.
2. Download Adt-bundleAdt-bundle is an integrated IDE, officially provided by Google Android, which already includes the Eclipse,android SDK and the platform tools required by Android, and the novice only needs adt-bundle to quickly build the Android development environment , save a lot of things. : Https:// Baidu Network disk: Http://
Unzip the Adt-bundle-<os_platform>.zip (the file name may be slightly different because of the version), there are three parts: 1. SDK3. SDK Manager runs SDK manager.exe,sdk Manager to download other Android development related components (Eclipse can also be run from Windows > Android SDK manager if the ADT plugin is installed) , select the API to download the Android version. 3.Hello WorldRun Eclipse, create a new Android application Project, go through the default, and you'll see that two files are automatically generated: one is the interface logic Java class and the other is the XML file that the interface describes. Java class: Interface design XML file: You can modify the changes in this interface. 4. New Android AVDBefore running, you need to set up under Android AVD (Android virtual device), ie: Android virtualization devices. There is no AVD defined here and a new one is required. Define the brand of the virtual device, the version of Android, and the associated hardware configuration. 5.RunBack to the XML interface, right-click, run > Run as > Run configurations, choose the AVD you just defined, the first run will be slow, wait a while to see the Hello World interface.

Android Adt-bundle and Hello World

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