Android Beginner 2016 (16)--Paint

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This article comes from the legend of the Fat Treasure Road , the reference must be indicated by the source!

Drawing design to the format of the picture, there are free to look at the picture resources in various formats. Learn a piece of formatting that is useful for learning. And I also like to ask this question when I interview others, haha.

Let's look at a picture first.

Look directly at the code, the comments are very detailed.


<?xml      Version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?> <linearlayout xmlns:android= "Http://"  android:orientation= "vertical" android:layout_width= "fill_parent" android:layout_height= "Fill_parent" > <button android:id= "@+id/button01" android:layout_width= "fill_parent" android:layout_height= "55DP" Android : text= "Show resource Picture" ></Button> <button android:id= "@+id/button02" android:layout_width= "Fill_parent" Androi d:layout_height= "55DP" android:text= "show and draw resource picture" ></Button> <button android:id= "@+id/button03" Android: layout_height= "55DP" android:layout_width= "fill_parent" android:text= "Drawing on Controls" ></Button> <imageview an Droid:id= "@+id/imageview01" android:layout_width= "wrap_content" android:layout_height= "Wrap_content" ></ Imageview> </LinearLayout>

Package Com.fable.helloworld;  Import;  Import Android.content.res.resources;import; Import;import;import;import;import;import;import;import;import Android.os.Bundle; Import Android.view.view;import Android.widget.button;import Android.widget.imageview;public class      Helloworldactivity extends Activity {ImageView IV;      Button Btn1,btn2,btn3;      Resources R;          @Override public void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {super.oncreate (savedinstancestate);                  Setcontentview (R.layout.activity_hello_world);          iv= (ImageView) This.findviewbyid (R.ID.IMAGEVIEW01);          btn1= (Button) This.findviewbyid (R.ID.BUTTON01);    Btn2= (Button) This.findviewbyid (R.ID.BUTTON02);      btn3= (Button) This.findviewbyid (R.ID.BUTTON03);          Btn1.setonclicklistener (New Clickevent ());          Btn2.setonclicklistener (New Clickevent ());                    Btn3.setonclicklistener (New Clickevent ());      R = this.getresources (); } class Clickevent implements View.onclicklistener {public void OnClick (View v) {if (v==btn1                  //Display resource picture {//function equivalent//iv.setbackgroundresource (R.DRAWABLE.FABLE5);//Open resource picture  Bitmap Bmp=bitmapfactory.decoderesource (R, R.drawable.fable5);//Open resource Picture Iv.setimagebitmap (BMP); Show Picture} else if (V==BTN2)//display and paint the resource picture {Bitmap Bmp=bitmapfactory.dec Oderesource (R, R.drawable.fable5);//read-only, not directly on BMP Bitmap Newb = Bitmap.createbitmap (+, Config.arg                b_8888);//Create a new bitmap canvas canvastemp = new canvas (NEWB);//canvas, canvas, with newb content to draw on canvasCanvastemp.drawcolor (color.transparent);//Set the background color of the canvas to transparent TRANSPARENT paint p = new paint ();                /brushes, haha, a little meaning, and the canvas and brush String familyname = "song body";//using the Arial, you can use non-system fonts, the game many fonts are special, need to put in assets/fonts/  Typeface font = typeface.create (familyname,typeface.bold);//Bold P.setcolor (Color.Red);  The brush color is red p.settypeface (font);  Set Font p.settextsize (24); Font size Canvastemp.drawtext ("The road of the legend of the Fat Treasure", 50,50,p); Draw a few words on the canvas canvastemp.drawbitmap (BMP, S, p);//Draw on the canvas just read the FABLE5//above is painted on the canvas on the newb map                of the surface.  Iv.setimagebitmap (NEWB); Show this new picture} else if (V==BTN3)//Draw directly on the button {Bitmap newb = bitmap.c Reatebitmap (Btn3.getwidth (), Btn3.getheight (), config.argb_8888); Create a diagram canvas canvastemp = new canvas (NEWB);//Put the picture on the canvas Canvastemp.drawcolor (color.whit            E);//Background color is white      Paint p = new paint ();  Brush String familyname = "Arial";  Use arial Typeface font = Typeface.create (familyname, typeface.bold);  Set Font P.setcolor (Color.Blue);  Blue p.settypeface (font);  Sets the font of the brush p.settextsize (24);  Font size canvastemp.drawtext ("Android starter", +, p); Write a few words, xy do not fill too large, over the button size position can not find the drawable drawable = new Bitmapdrawable (Getapplicationcontext (). Getresources () , NEWB);  In fact, this look is not very clear btn3.setbackgrounddrawable (drawable); Take this image as the background of the Button}}}

The code is uploaded later.

Android Beginner 2016 (16)--Paint

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