"Android developers Training" 102. Preface: Get your app informed about the location

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Note: This article is translated from Google's official Android developers training document, translator technology generally, because of the love of Android and produced the idea of translation, purely personal interests and interests.

Original link: http://developer.android.com/training/location/index.html

One of the unique features of mobile apps is the ability to know where. Mobile users will bring their devices to anywhere, and your app will have location-aware features that provide users with a richer experience. The new location service API in the Google Play service (Location Services API) Adds site-aware functionality to your app, such as: Automatic location tracking, navigation, activity awareness, and more. This API has many advantages over the system platform's own API.

This lesson will show you how to use location services in your app to get the current location, get regular location updates, query addresses, navigate, monitor user behavior, and more. The sample code included in this series of lessons can be used as a basic framework for your own application of geolocation awareness.


Because this series of courses is based on the client library of the Google play service, make sure you have the latest version installed before using the sample code. To learn how to configure the latest version of the client library, you can read: Setup.


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