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The development of Android also has a year or so, the use of spare time to do a few of their own applications, the application is rotten, a little bit of income every day, but, or want to share the use of spare time to develop their own application how to earn some pocket money, of course, you apply to do well, users, it is not just pocket money, Hundreds of of thousands of dollars a day are normal.

There is a saying, 8 hours outside the decision of your future, many people through their spare time to develop the app to earn money, why you do not, in-app item charges, download pay, application Content business cooperation, add ads, and so on.

In the previous few words, not much to say, not suitable for individual developers to use, our personal or small team, with the use of advertising mode is the best. My application is done, how to join the ads, plus what type of ads? This has to analyze the nature of your application, as well as to do long-term or to make some money to flash people, the following for the more popular types of ads to do a simple explanation:

Banner ad bar:

This is the most primitive form of advertising, everyone on the PC, every open a website, should be able to see, the top or left and right side of the banner type.

For example, in the upper left corner, I believe that we often see in the mobile app, when you click on it, the developer can get the corresponding income, a few to a few hair appearance. In the past, banner have been billed according to CPM, that is, 1000 times show you can get a few dollars of income, now basically no, or very little, because this model conversion rate is too low.

Now the banner, must be the user click on the income, some click to open a webpage, there are some click Download application.

One of my applications added a Baidu banner, the income is very poor Ah, the critical download volume is too small to show too little

What kind of app uses
Banner better?

Personal not recommended games plus
Banner, the game basically does not have much space to show
Banner is generally the kind of high-quality applications, that is, the user is larger than the number of daily start-up users, playing a protracted war app, you can add one in the appropriate location. Fewer users, no active users, do not add.

Push Push ads:

People on mobile phones should often see this kind of ads, is in your phone at the top of a message like a small notice, sometimes, you think who sent a text message, point Open, the amount ... It turned out to be a hateful advertisement. This time, the developer gets the corresponding income. (that is called about Cannon artifact is just) push advertising, the general price is, 1000 times, 15--20 Yuan, a lot of advertising platform said, as long as users receive push message, even if 1, it is not, basic need users click, will have income. Advertising platform has-poly meters, Tao Youdao, cool fruit platform, 365PUSH, poly Excellent, and so on

Which one is good to try by himself. My app is just learning Android, I casually made, rather rotten. 30 downloads per day, so too little revenue

One of my application income is such a son, we do not laugh, anyway, bun money is a

You should know that kind of application is better to use push, if like my application plus

Banner, the daily income may be 0, plus push, or have buns money. To be blunt, the application of garbage is very suitable for push, how much to earn.

Interstitial ads:

This type is, in your phone interface pop up a small square window, it has a small fork in the corner of the friend, you can click the small fork close, because the small fork is very small, so the user to click Close, many times did not point the fork, then, the application began to download, you install, developers can get about 0.8 yuan income, Of course, there are display billing, show 1000 times, 5-8 Yuan Bar. Wanpo, chi Au, Bean Alliance, these platforms have interstitial.
Now also useless, heard that the effect is good, the back will try.

This type of words, good application, rotten application Plus, are relatively good. However, good application, playing a protracted war, try not to play too much every day, this mode, the user's experience is still very bad.

Here's a better pattern--------the integration wall.

This gadget is a bit like an in-app payment form, (want to know about in-app payments can see my blog , in fact, in-app payment is fine, Bright will be the future trend), but for users, it will not cost him a penny, at most, spend a bit of traffic. Users only need to download the integration wall above the application, you can get the corresponding points, coins and the like (in the background can be set up in the advertising platform), points can be used to buy games inside props and so on. That is, unlike the general props paid games, users need to charge money to get props. They just need to download the app and get the points.

That is, the same game, one is, you need to spend money to get props, one is that you need to download the specified application (the application is completely safe) to get props, which do you choose? Must be the 2nd kind, and you want to get more props, you can not hesitate to download a number of recommended applications to get points.

For the developer, you did not download an application on the integration wall, he can get the corresponding money, one is probably 0.4--1.5 yuan. You didn't pay for it, but the developers paid for it by advertising.

Integral wall used well, the income is considerable, suitable for better quality of the app, you can take part of the function needs to do in the form of integral. For example, the novel reading, can be seen for free, to a certain chapter, prompting users to what points, and then, the Guide to download the application, so that he can earn points, to continue to see the following chapters.
However, there are restrictions on the use of integrated wall in the major markets, many do not allow you to upload their market.

One of my applications, the recent income is as follows, the application is rotten, the income is general, everybody laughed at

Below this is not my application, is the advertisement platform group inside has a Daniel fat income, then shocked

The following is not my application, I do not know which one of the great God, it was scared to pee

Hey, you see the above 2 big God, is not heart, want to open dry immediately, do their own application, add ads, get some money?
Think it is not possible, everyone hurry up.

By the way, introduce your own development of the app software. I have been developing apps for almost 3 years and have done more than 10 projects. University, learning software Engineering, directions to Java, and later seniors self-study Android. Out after doing Android development. Because the university studies Java, so I can also develop the background interface and database.

Right, the landlord development app are used by this platform Bmob official website, the university began to use, mainly stable, free, very useful, development efficiency duang~~duang~~

Android Development Make Money

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