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    1. Android N or Cancel app drawer design closer to iOS

      The design is evolving, too.

    2. Google or will regain Android control over the speed of the upgrade

      Hang No

    3. Google launches Google Play Services China special edition for Watch app developers

      It looks good.

    4. Google Release J2OBJC 1.0: convert Java to Objective-c

      Black Tech

    5. What will the Android system look like in 2020?

      It could be pretty cool.

  1. Android Development: The most detailed summary of Toolbar development practices

    There's a code in the picture.

  2. How Facebook collects its Android app performance data

    A little black tech.

  3. Android share: Code to confuse those things

    Tips for use

  4. Simply say binder

    Talk about binder from the perspective of use and understanding

  5. Correct use of the Android profiling tool-traceview

    A powerful tool for Android performance analysis

  6. To write code that is easy to delete and not extensible

    An article on how to design and structure code, the article's view is novel and powerful

  7. Development Security Guide: How to securely store user passwords

    Is the password stored in your project secure?

  8. From Android mute look for the correct posture to find a bug

    The code is never going to cheat us.

  9. Translation Data Binding Guide

    Chinese translation of the official guide

  10. Android Plugin principle analysis--hook mechanism of binder Hook
    The mechanism of Hook system service is called Binder Hook.

  11. Android Studio Tips Collection

    A variety of tips to improve the efficiency of writing code

  12. Kotlin Learning Resources

    It's time to learn.

  13. Android Best Practices

    A range of best practice tips

  14. Google Play List app cold start Speed Analysis report

    Cold start refers to the user launching the app again after a long time without running the app

Open Source Libraries & projects
  1. Arrow

    Lightweight Tool Library

  2. Coolandroidanim

    The loading effect of an imitation 6.0 system boot animation,

  3. Httpizza

    A HttpURLConnection light-weight HTTP Client framework based on

  4. Insets-dispatcher

    Easily use window insets padding (e.g. status and navigation bars)

  5. TimelineView

    Beautiful Timeline Custom View

  6. Peekandpop

    A library that mimics the 3D touch effect in iOS

  7. Circularmenu

    Ring Menu Control

  8. Kickmaterial

    A Material design-style App

  9. Android_dbinspector

    An integrated library that lets you view SQLite database content inside the APP

  10. Pdfviewpager

    A control that can be displayed and downloaded from a remote download PDF document

  11. Apkparser

    APK Parser

  12. Rxzhihupager
    Informed daily client, Rxjava + Retrofit Practice

    1. Nimbledroid

      An Android app Performance analytics Service

    2. Robogif

      A tool that can record a screen as an animated GIF

    3. .

      Git's. Gitignore template file Generation tool that supports many operating systems, Ides, and programming languages

    4. Pagespeed Insights

      Ability to test Web page performance tools on mobile devices and desktop devices

    5. Sqldelight

      A plugin that can generate Java models code from SQL statements

    1. Develop the best-in-Class Android SDK:
      Experience in creating the Fabric SDK

      The experience of manufacturers

    1. Ten-Step Interactive design method


    2. How do I write a full-text, easy-to-read interactive documentation?

      Professional Dry Goods

Beyond Technology
    1. What are the characteristics of a start-up company employee?

      Look at yourself with these features of wood

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Android Development Technology Weekly ISSUE#69

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