Android effect View fourth bullet line chart heart rate chart

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Android effect View fourth bullet line chart heart rate chart

<framelayout        android:layout_width= "match_parent"        android:layout_height= "match_parent" >        < Com.example.empty.ChartView            android:id= "@+id/chart"            android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"            android: layout_height= "Wrap_content"            android:layout_gravity= "center"/>    </FrameLayout>

Package Com.example.empty;import Java.util.arraylist;import Java.util.list;import android.content.context;import;import;import;import Android.util.attributeset;import Android.view.view;public class ChartView extends view{private List mpointlist = new A    Rraylist ();    private int mpointy = 0;   Private Paint Mpoint = new paint ();        Brush public ChartView (context context, AttributeSet attrs) {//TODO auto-generated constructor stub    This (context, attrs, 0); } public ChartView (context context, AttributeSet attrs, int defstyleattr) {Super (context, Attrs, defstyleat        TR);                TODO auto-generated constructor stub//initialization Brush Mpoint.setcolor (GetContext (). Getresources (). GetColor (        R.color.color_tiny_blue));        Mpoint.setstrokewidth (2.0f);    Mpoint.setantialias (TRUE); } @Override protected void OnDraw (Canvas paramcanvas) {Super. OnDraw (Paramcanvas);        Mpointy = (int) (Math.random () * 100); if (Mpointlist.size () >= 2) {for (int k = 0; k <-1 + mpointlist.size (); k++) {Paramcanv As.drawline ((point) mpointlist.get (k)). x, ((point) mpointlist.get (k)). Y, ((            Point) mpointlist.get (k + 1)). x, ((point) mpointlist.get (k + 1)). Y, Mpoint);        }} localPoint1 = new Point (GetWidth (), mpointy);        int i = Mpointlist.size ();        int j = 0;            if (i > 101) {//Draw up to 100 points, redundant out-stack mpointlist.remove (0);                while (J < k) {point localPoint3 = (point) Mpointlist.get (j);                localpoint3.x = ( -7 + localpoint3.x);            j + +;            } mpointlist.add (LOCALPOINT1);        Return } while (J < Mpointlist.size ()) {//each new generation causes each of the preceding points to move left 7 point localPoint2 = (Point) Mpointlist.get (j);            localpoint2.x = ( -7 + localpoint2.x);        j + +;    } mpointlist.add (LOCALPOINT1);    } public final void Clearlist () {mpointlist.clear ();        Public final void addpointtolist (int paramint) {mpointy = Paramint;        Invalidate ();//redraw} public void Stop () {mpointlist.clear ();    Invalidate (); }}

Start Drawing
Mchartview = (ChartView) Findviewbyid (;        Timer timer = new timer ();        TimerTask task = new TimerTask () {            @Override public            void Run () {                message msg = new Message ();                Mhandler.sendmessage (msg);            }        };        Timer.schedule (task,1,300);                            Private Handler Mhandler = new Handler () {        @Override public        void DispatchMessage (Message msg) {            Mchartview.addpointtolist ((int) (Math.random () *));}    ;

above the open line drawing is just to give you a case, the specific effect of everyone according to their own needs to develop. here is a simple explanation of the line chart principle. In fact, here we just take advantage of the principle of the brush line, whenever we receive a new drawing point, we move all the points that existed before, and reconnect them together and draw them back.

Android effect View fourth bullet line chart heart rate chart

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