Android app posted to Google Play

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==================== Problem Description ====================
RT, I want to publish an app to Google Play, but the data says to turn off debug in the app and remove the log ...
Want to know if there are switches in eclipse that turn debug mode off directly and turn off log output ...
Also, do I have to turn off debug and log to publish to Google Play?
==================== Solution 1====================
Reference 4 Floor S_include's reply:
Quote: Referring to the reply of the 3 floor xzy2046:

Have not heard of this limitation, should be only advice, non-mandatory.
There is no specification for the package name. If my package is named, can this be done?

The package name and other apps cannot be submitted repeatedly
==================== Solution 2====================

Reference 2 floor Mailbomb reply:
on the top floor!!!
I really do not understand that there are so many people the answer to the top 1l,1l and the landlord asked the real relationship is not very big. Landlord asked 2 questions: (1) Eclispe can directly turn off the debug mode? Yes, directly in the XML configuration file, delete android:debug= "true" on the line. Let me explain why: Normally we need to debug when developing the application, so we need to set the current mode to debug mode in the XML configuration file, otherwise it will not be allowed to install on the real machine, and it is not allowed to upload the debug version of the APK when publishing to the Android app market. So you need to package your own application, the purpose of packaging is to sign, to prevent the application from being pirated, there are many ways to pack, Google, if you are using ECLISPE packaging, in fact, in the process of packaging it will remind you to delete this debug configuration. (2) Can I turn off the log output? Landlord asked this question is based on do not know how to upload, and came to a self think there is a relationship between the question, and 1L is precisely in the landlord to arrive at the wrong conclusion after the answer, this answer is based on a meaningless basis, there is no basis, and then a ticket in the top, is misleading the public. Google reminds you to delete the log to prevent the APK from being recompiled because the output of log leaks some logic inside the code. So Google reminds you to delete these logs, you can actually not delete.

Android app posted to Google Play

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