Android Hack learning Path (ii)--android game scrolling Sky hack

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After the last period of the crack tutorial, I believe that everyone is the same as me is the first to crack is the beginning, we cracked the purpose of what?

Do you make money? Baidu on a lot of cracked version of the application, cracked people have to make money? Actually, it is also convenient for me.

Play a game, feel no way, to a crack, unlimited gold coins or something, customs clearance is not? We're making money in the middle of the hack, aren't we? Save money for buying coins

I feel a lot of crap, and that's the beginning.

first, the crack preparation

Before everyone is downloaded good androidkiller, if not, then please go to my previous article

Here, I put the rolling sky out of the link: Password: 6666

After you download, follow the tutorial.

second, the crack began

In the same way, the downloaded apk is dropped into the Androidkiller for anti-compilation, then the payment failure is converted to Unicode for searching

you can see that there are three search results, look at the name probably sure Opppay is the key to pay, go inside to see

, we can see that a onsuccess and onfailure approach, both of which should be the way to pay for success and payment failure

third, the idea of cracking

The idea of cracking came, and what circumstances would we enter into the payment failure of this method? Just click on the payment, the app pop up the payment interface, but then we do not want to pay, and then click Cancel, then the app will enter into the OnFailure method

Then, the method will come, we will have to execute the onfailure changed to Onsuccess, Cancel is equivalent to the payment of success?

1. Replace the code in the Onsuccess method with the original OnFailure code

PS: Here is a reminder,. Locals start all is the onfailure inside code, the selection is actually onsuccess inside the code, I have replaced, then save, compile, test

2. Change the originally called OnFailure method to the Onsuccess method

We can find a place to call the OnFailure method, and then let it call the Onsuccess method, which is what we can do to break it.

We search onfailure, can find several results, after Code view, can be determined mainly in Payresultreceiver this Smail file, why can you determine is in this file? You can see above, there is a cancellation of the payment of Unicode, from this, we can conclude that after the cancellation of the payment click, will be executed onfailure, we can change this onfailure to onsuccess, which is equivalent to calling onsuccess method

However, personally think this method in this app is not good, because payresultreceiver this smail file has three places need to change, the steps seem a bit cumbersome, not as simple as the first quick

Iv. Testing

Before the test, we also want to send SMS permission to delete, so that the app is not afraid of fee, in the Androidmainfest file to delete the map of the Chinese box that line, then compile and install test it

Android Hack learning Path (ii)--android game scrolling Sky hack

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