Android for tablet and doodle functionality

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Below is a copy of the Android Tablet and graffiti features, directly on the code:


<linearlayout xmlns:android= "" xmlns:greendroid= "http// "Android:layout_width=" Fill_parent "Android:         layout_height= "fill_parent" android:orientation= "vertical" > <framelayout android:id= "@+id/tablet_view" Android:layout_width= "Fill_parent" android:layout_height= "300DP" > </FrameLayout> <linear Layout android:layout_width= "fill_parent" android:layout_height= "wrap_content" android:background= "@a Ndroid:drawable/bottom_bar "android:paddingtop=" 4DP "> <button android:id=" @+id/write_pad_o K "android:layout_width=" Wrap_content "android:layout_height=" Wrap_content "android:layou            t_weight= "1" android:text= "OK"/> <button android:id= "@+id/write_pad_clear" Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content" Androidoid:layout_height= "Wrap_content" android:layout_weight= "1" android:text= "clear"/> <button Android:id= "@+id/write_pad_cancel" android:layout_width= "Wrap_content" android:layout_he ight= "Wrap_content" android:layout_weight= "1" android:text= "Cancel"/> </linearlayout></l Inearlayout>

This is the main layout file of the tablet, the part that can be handwritten is a framelayout. The OK, clear, and Cancel buttons below are used to save and erase signatures.

The main code logic is as follows:

Package Com.jackie.handwriting;import;import;import;import;import;import; Import Android.os.bundle;import Android.os.environment;import Android.view.view;import Android.view.view.onclicklistener;import Android.widget.imageview;import Android.widget.textview;public Class Mainactivity extends Activity {private ImageView mivsign;private TextView mtvsign;private Bitmap msignbitmap;/** called W Hen the activity is first created. */@Overridepublic void onCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {super.oncreate (savedinstancestate); Setcontentview ( R.layout.activity_main); mivsign = (ImageView) Findviewbyid (; mtvsign = (TextView) Findviewbyid ( sign); Mtvsign.setonclicklistener (new Onclicklistener () {@Overridepublic void OnClick (view view) {Writepaddialog Mwritepaddialog = new Writepaddialog (mainactivity.this, New Writedialoglistener () {@Overridepublic voidOnpaintdone (Object object) {Msignbitmap = (Bitmap) object;createsignfile (); Mivsign.setimagebitmap (MSIGNBITMAP); Mtvsign.setvisibility (View.gone);}}); ();}});}        Create signature file private void Createsignfile () {Bytearrayoutputstream BAOs = null;        FileOutputStream fos = null;          String path = null;        File file = null; try {path = environment.getexternalstoragedirectory () + File.separator + system.currenttimemillis () + ". jpg"             ;            File = new file (path);            FOS = new FileOutputStream (file);            BAOs = new Bytearrayoutputstream (); If set to Bitmap.compress (Compressformat.jpeg, S, FOS) the background of the picture is black msignbitmap.compress (Bitmap.CompressFormat.PNG              , BAOs);              Byte[] B = Baos.tobytearray ();             if (b! = null) {fos.write (b);          }} catch (IOException e) {e.printstacktrace (); } finally {try {if (FOS = null)                {Fos.close ();                } if (BAOs! = null) {baos.close ();              }} catch (IOException e) {e.printstacktrace (); }          }  }}

Package Com.jackie.handwriting;import Android.content.context;import;import;import;import;import;import;import;import;import Android.view.motionevent;import Android.view.view;public class PaintView extends View {private Paint mpaint;private Path mpath;private Bitmap mbitmap;private Canvas mcanvas;private int screenwidth, scree nheight;private float CurrentX, currenty;public paintview (context context, int screenwidth, int screenheight) {super ( context); this.screenwidth = Screenwidth;this.screenheight = Screenheight;init ();} private void Init () {mpaint = new Paint (); Mpaint.setantialias (true);//anti-aliasing mpaint.setstrokewidth (5); Mpaint.setstyle ( Paint.Style.STROKE); Mpaint.setcolor (; mPath = new Path (); mbitmap = Bitmap.createbitmap (ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight, config.argb_8888); Mcanvas = new CAnvas (Mbitmap);//mcanvas.drawcolor (Color.White);} @Overrideprotected void OnDraw (canvas canvas) {canvas.drawbitmap (mbitmap, 0, 0, null); Canvas.drawpath (MPath, mpaint);} @Overridepublic boolean ontouchevent (Motionevent event) {float x = Event.getx (); Float y = event.gety (); switch (Event.geta Ction ()) {case MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN:currentX = X;currenty = Y;mpath.moveto (CurrentX, currenty); break;case MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE:currentX = X;currenty = Y;mpath.quadto (CurrentX, CurrentY, x, y); Draw line Break;case MotionEvent.ACTION_UP:mCanvas.drawPath (MPath, mpaint); Invalidate (); return true;} Public Bitmap Getpaintbitmap () {return resizeimage (Mbitmap, 320, 480);} Public Path GetPath () {return mPath;} Scale public static Bitmap Resizeimage (Bitmap Bitmap, int width, int height) {int originwidth = bitmap.getwidth (); Int Origi nheight = Bitmap.getheight (), Float scalewidth = ((float) width)/originwidth;float ScaleHeight = ((float) height)/Origi nheight; Matrix matrix = new Matrix (); Matrix.postscale (scalEwidth, ScaleHeight); Bitmap Resizedbitmap = Bitmap.createbitmap (Bitmap, 0, 0, originwidth,originheight, Matrix, True); return resizedbitmap;} Clear artboard public void clear () {if (Mcanvas! = null) {Mpath.reset (); Mcanvas.drawcolor (Color.transparent,            PorterDuff.Mode.CLEAR); Invalidate ();}}}

Package Com.jackie.handwriting;import;import Android.content.context;import android.os.Bundle; Import Android.util.displaymetrics;import Android.view.view;import Android.view.window;import Android.widget.button;import Android.widget.framelayout;import Android.widget.toast;public class WritePadDialog Extends Dialog {private Context mcontext;private writedialoglistener mwritedialoglistener;private paintview Mpaintview ;p rivate framelayout mframelayout;private Button Mbtnok, Mbtnclear, Mbtncancel;public writepaddialog (context context, Writedialoglistener Writedialoglistener) {super (context); This.mcontext = Context;this.mwritedialoglistener = Writedialoglistener;} @Overrideprotected void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {super.oncreate (savedinstancestate); Requestwindowfeature (Window.feature_no_title); Untitled Setcontentview (r.layout.write_pad); mframelayout = (framelayout) Findviewbyid (;// Get screen size displaymetrics mdisplaymetrics = new Displaymetrics (); GetWindow (). Getwindowmanager (). Getdefaultdisplay (). Getmetrics (mdisplaymetrics); int screenwidth = Mdisplaymetrics.widthpixels;int screenheight = Mdisplaymetrics.heightpixels;mpaintview = new PaintView (MContext, ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight); Mframelayout.addview (Mpaintview); Mpaintview.requestfocus (); MBtnOK = (Button) Findviewbyid (R.ID.WRITE_PAD_OK); Mbtnok.setonclicklistener (new View.onclicklistener () {@Overridepublic void OnClick (View v) {if (Mpaintview.getpath (). IsEmpty ()) {Toast.maketext (mcontext, "please write down your name", Toast.length_short). Show (); return;} Mwritedialoglistener.onpaintdone (Mpaintview.getpaintbitmap ());d Ismiss ();}); Mbtnclear = (Button) Findviewbyid (; Mbtnclear.setonclicklistener (new View.onclicklistener () {@ overridepublic void OnClick (View v) {mpaintview.clear ();}}); Mbtncancel = (Button) Findviewbyid (; Mbtncancel.setonclicklistener (new View.onclicklistener () {@Overridepublic void OnClick (View v) {cancel ();}});}}

Package com.jackie.handwriting;/** * Listening Trackpad dialog box * @author chengcj1 *  */public interface Writedialoglistener {public voi D Onpaintdone (Object object);}

The effect is as follows:

Android for tablet and doodle functionality

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