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On the Internet many uploaded to the Java server, looking for a long time, found the upload to PHP, thinking and I thought the same, is post past. Don't say much nonsense, just look at the code.

PHP code

<?PHP$target _path= "./upload/";//Receive file directory$target _path=$target _path.basename($_files[' UploadedFile '] [' Name ']);if(Move_uploaded_file($_files[' UploadedFile '] [' Tmp_name '],$target _path)) {   Echo"The file".basename($_files[' UploadedFile '] [' name ']). "has been uploaded";} Else{   Echo"There was a error uploading the file, please try again!".$_files[' UploadedFile '] [' Error '];}?>

Android Code

Upload the main code:

Private voiduploadfile (String uploadurl) {string End= "\ r \ n"; String Twohyphens= "--"; String Boundary= "******"; Try{URL URL=NewURL (Uploadurl); HttpURLConnection HttpURLConnection=(httpurlconnection) URL. OpenConnection ();//HTTP Connection//set the stream size for each transfer to effectively prevent the phone from crashing due to low memory//This method is used to enable a stream that does not have an internally buffered HTTP request body when the content length is not known beforehand. Httpurlconnection.setchunkedstreamingmode (128 * 1024);//128K//allow input/output streamHttpurlconnection.setdoinput (true); Httpurlconnection.setdooutput (true); Httpurlconnection.setusecaches (false); //using the Post methodHttpurlconnection.setrequestmethod ("POST"); Httpurlconnection.setrequestproperty ("Connection", "keep-alive");//Keep ConnectedHttpurlconnection.setrequestproperty ("Charset", "UTF-8");//CodingHttpurlconnection.setrequestproperty ("Content-type",          "multipart/form-data;boundary=" + boundary);//Post passes past the encodingDataOutputStream dos=NewDataOutputStream (Httpurlconnection.getoutputstream ());//output StreamDos.writebytes (Twohyphens + boundary +end); Dos.writebytes ("Content-disposition:form-data; Name=\ "Uploadedfile\"; Filename=\ "" + srcpath.substring (Srcpath.lastindexof ("/") + 1)          + "\""          +end);      Dos.writebytes (end); FileInputStream FIS=NewFileInputStream (Srcpath);//file input stream, written into memory      byte[] buffer =New byte[8192];//8k      intCount = 0; //Read File       while((count = (buffer))! =-1) {dos.write (buffer,0, Count);      } fis.close ();      Dos.writebytes (end); Dos.writebytes (Twohyphens+ Boundary + Twohyphens +end);      Dos.flush (); InputStream is= Httpurlconnection.getinputstream ();//http input, which results in the returnInputStreamReader ISR =NewInputStreamReader (IS, "Utf-8"); BufferedReader BR=NewBufferedReader (ISR); String result=Br.readline (); Toast.maketext ( This, result, Toast.length_long). Show ();//Output The resultDos.close ();    Is.close (); } Catch(Exception e) {e.printstacktrace ();    Settitle (E.getmessage ()); }  }

Because the time-consuming operations required after Android 4.0 are operating in a non-UI thread, the front asynctask will be used.

Asynctask Portal:

In this class, the upload operation is placed in the Doinbackground, you can have progressdialog show how much uploaded:

//Read FileBytesread = (buffer, 0, buffersize);  while(Bytesread > 0) {outputstream.write (buffer,0, buffersize); Length+=buffersize; Progress= (int) ((length * 100)/totalsize);                Publishprogress (progress); Bytesavailable=fileinputstream.available (); BufferSize=math.min (bytesavailable, maxBufferSize); Bytesread= (buffer, 0, buffersize);            } outputstream.writebytes (Lineend); Outputstream.writebytes (Twohyphens+ Boundary +Twohyphens+lineend); Publishprogress (100);

Also, pay attention to the authority yo:

<android:name= "Android.permission.INTERNET"/>

I'm the dividing line of the king of the Land Tiger.

Source code: HTTP://PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1DD1QX01


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