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1.ContentProvider provides a unified interface for storing and retrieving data

2. Use ContentProvider to share data between different applications

3.Android provides contentprovider for some common data (including audio, video, images, contacts, etc.)

ContentProvider to organize data using a table Form

_id number number_key label name type
11 1348729883 2001 ss yd type_work
12 15572706076 2011 s yy type_home

Functions provided by ContentProvider

Query () queries

Insert () insertion

Update () Updates

Delete () remove

GetType () Get data type

OnCreate () callback function at the time of creation

the process of realizing ContentProvider

1. Define a Content_uri constant

2. Define a class that inherits ContentProvider

3. Implement query Insert update Delete GetType onCreate

4. Declaration in Androidmanifest.xml

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Android Learning Note-contentprovider

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