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Android Market Google Play Store account registration method process before publishing software on Google Play, you need to complete the following three tasks: Create developer Profile Accept developer Distribution agreement pay registration fee by credit card (us$25.00) (using Google Checkout) Https:// Android-17585-1-1.html This is the old registration tutorial, the process and the new is almost now part of the Chinese version of the Android market account does not need to be audited, the payment is completed, on the open, you can publish their own (free) application

Application Management Console Google is very secretive, it is difficult to find the above URL login can jump directly to the management application interface

The current test fee can be uploaded after the program but still need to review, can not be released immediately, but the time is generally within a day can be completed.

2013-03-12 Note: Now the application console has been revised into:

The release process and the operating interface of the console have changed a lot.


Google Play Store Release Application Note: One: The screen size must conform to the following specifications (must be for the width of the high, not just the range): 320x480, 480x800, 480x854, 1280x720, 1280x80024-bit PNG or JPEG Picture (no alpha) full bleed, borderless art photo you can upload a screen in Landscape view mode. The rotated thumbnail is displayed, but the actual picture and the corresponding browse mode are preserved. 2013-03-12 Note: Now do not need to be so strict, direct mobile phone out can be uploaded. Two: Must have a 512 high-resolution application icon: X 51,232-bit PNG or JPEG picture file size limit: Three KB: Privacy policy must be added to the Privacy Policy link, or choose not to submit the Privacy Policy URL four: You can add promotional images and promotional text (English )

Five: An hour after the release is still unable to search the market for the published application, I tested two hours after the search, it is estimated that a period of time to establish the index before the search.


Another: Signature and confusion

The signature can be completed through Eclipse, and the signature will be signed by the President, and in the detailed tutorial please refer to:

Eclipse+adt for Android app signature details Android-proguard use, there is a reference to third-party jar package when the error: You could need to specify additional library jars (using '-libraryjars ') Processing method: Add-dontwarn Com.motorola.**-keep class com.motorola.** {*;} at the top of the Proguard.cfg file. Description:-dontwarn and-keep combine parameters to maintain classes in third-party libraries without confusion,-dontwarn com.motorola.** means to keep com.motorola.** all classes and all methods inside the package without confusing

-keep class com.motorola.** {*;} It means proguard do not warn you that you cannot find a reference to the class com.motorola.** the package. The corresponding package name is changed to your corresponding jar top-level package

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