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Han Mengfei sha Han Yafei [email protected] yue31313 Han_meng_fei_shaSome of the Android tools you can buy on the market, such as 008K, xposed and so on, are used to modify the model of the mobile phone. This modification is currently a mainstream technology, the advantages of mainstream technology is good compatibility, development (including document support, community support, third-party modules) low cost, high stability features. But for the current project, mainstream technology is not a good solution, because the mainstream technology not only you understand, the app's technical staff are also very understanding, and the general law, the manufacturer's technical strength, manpower, financial resources and the accumulation of these three aspects, not a small team of authors can fight.
At present, the modification of the software to achieve the modified model project summarized into the following categories
1: Mobile Unique identity symbol
This is very good understanding, mainly including IMEI IMSI ICCID and so on these global unique identity signs, to indicate the independence of this phone, in addition to achieve some number of check bit operation, in general, these signs of the identity of the serial number have check digit and some fixed format and algorithm, There are many channels and the integration wall is a test of the legality of these serial numbers.
2: Unique symbol derivative information
This derivative information has a lot of items, such as some change the software casually to a manufacturer's model and a legitimate imei together, not knowing that the first 6 of the IMEI is the TAC, each model unique identity symbol, after the casual collocation, will be detected. For example, Unicom's IMSI is the beginning of 46001, mobile and telecommunications are not the same, imsi,iccid,number, operators, network format, MNC,MCC this information is at least to match.
3: Environmental Information
Environmental information is divided into two parts ①: The internal environment of the mobile phone includes your system-specific information, user-specific information. ②: Cell Phone external environment: Base station information, GPS information, WiFi information and so on.

All of the operations in this article are based on the Android studio environment. The following into the actual operation of the link!

1 first create an app, and configure the Xposed development environment, the configuration process can refer to the following two articles, which are not repeated here.

2 After configuring the xposed environment, create the hook class in the app this article is Mainhook, and the class must inherit Ixposedhookloadpackage========

Android Modified phone model

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