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Now that we're going to start learning the NDK, let's first look at the NDK. The Android NDK is an associated toolset for the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) to extend the functionality of the Android SDK, This enables developers to implement a number of modules that have higher code performance requirements and embed these modules into Android applications using machine code-generated programming languages. The Android NDK is not a separate tool; It is a containing API, cross-compiler, linker, debugger, build tool. A comprehensive toolset for documentation and sample applications.

Let's take a look at the development environment of the Android NDK to build:
Preparatory work:

(1) To download the latest Android NDK tool on the official website, here is my NDK version: Http://

PS: My system is 64-bit, the above link is also 64-bit. Here is a 32-bit:

(2) in the first step of preparation, we try to download the latest version of the NDK on the official website, I use only the most recent edition of the NDK. Here I default to everyone on the computer already have the development environment of the Android SDK, if not, please Baidu configure the latest SDK development environment. (this explains that the current version of Android Studio does not support NDK development)
Start building:
Download Good NDK (1), you can see is EXE program, directly double-click Open on the line, and so the program decompression completed, you get the complete NDK tool set.

After extracting the NDK catalog (2), here are some important files and subdirectories in the picture. (It is recommended that we first put android-ndk-r10d-windows-x86_64.exe in the D disk or other disk root directory, I personally put it in the D packing directory, and then extracted.) )

(3) Download Eclipse's NDK plugin, here for convenience, give my own NDK plugin: Http://

The preparation is ready, so let's start building it:

(1) Place the downloaded under plugins under your eclipse.

(2) Launch your eclipse, select Window->perferences->android->ndk on the menu bar and set the NDK location to D:\android-ndk-r10d, such as:
(3) Add the environment variable Ndk_root: D:\android-ndk-r10d, under the environment variable path, append:%ndk_root%;

Here, our NDK development environment is built.

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Android NDK Starter Development environment Build

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