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A short time ago, the market on the phone GPU OpenCL support to make a summary. Summarized as follows:

At present, the mobile phone GPU market has four companies products: Qualcomm, Imagination Technologies,arm, Vivante, respectively, the corresponding products are as follows: (all forms are listed according to the time of product listing)

Table 1 Qualcomm GPU

Product model OpenCL Support
Adreno 200 Series Not supported
Adreno 300 Series √ (OpenCL 1.1)
Adreno 400 Series √ (OpenCL 1.1)

For Qualcomm platform phones, the OpenCL library is in/system/vendor/lib/

Table 2 Imagination Technologies GPU

Product model OpenCL Support
PowerVR Series 5 Not supported
PowerVR Series 5XT √ (OpenCL 1.1) SGX543, SGX544, SGX554
PowerVR Series 6 √ (OpenCL 1.2)
PowerVR Series 6XE √ (OpenCL 1.2)
PowerVR Series 6XT √ (OpenCL 1.2)

For PowerVR GPU phones, the OpenCL library is/system/vendor/lib/

Table 3 ARM GPUs

Product model OpenCL Support
ARM MALI400MP Not supported
ARM MALI450MP Not supported
ARM Mali Series 600 √ (full profile OpenCL1.1)
ARM Mali Series 700 √ (full profile OpenCL1.1)

ARM Mali support OpenCL GPU phone, now on the market is still relatively small (beginning in the second half, with the new mobile phone listing, the 6 series GPU listing, this situation will change), according to my current situation, just listed Huawei Glory 6 is Mali T628. There is no test, do not know whether the system comes with the OpenCL library. However, I also tried to download the OpenCL SDK to compile the OpenCL library (please click here).

As for the Vivante GPU, the official website is said to support OpenCL, the use of its GPU mobile phone is too few, currently I only know Huawei's K3v2 chip, but in the Huawei P6 test results system does not come with the OpenCL library. I did not toss the SDK of Vivante GPU, so the specifics are not very clear.

PS: Compared to rendscript and OpenCL with Gaussian filtering on my phone, renderscript is much slower than OpenCL with the same strategy. In terms of performance, the Rendscript scheme was abandoned.

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Android phone GPU OpenCL summary (GO)

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