Android phone sync pc-side Google Chrome bookmarks

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I first declare: The text of FQ are blog park automatically convert Chinese (fan Qiang) to FQ, not what I originally wrote is Fq~~

Mobile phones and computers must be able to log on to Google (Xee: Almost all the people who do the development of the daily life is inseparable from Google, can our celestial intentionally shielded, fuck gfw! )

At that time we are not every moment in front of the computer, or the use of mobile phones, then mobile phone or tablet sync Google is a little difficult (Xee: especially in the celestial ... )

1: To sync some Google data, first you have access to Google (FQ? ), which is necessary;

2: Mobile phone has access to Google (FQ? ), and some Google services installed complete;

Problems that may occur with the above two steps: But the cup is, many friends will be like me, in this interface is known to show "synchronization operation is now experiencing some problems can be recovered quickly" prompt,

One: How do I access Google? GFW has blocked us from connecting to Google's Road, Fqvpn? Too troublesome, here simple method: Mobile phone and computer side use simultaneously, can on Google's hosts (Xee: Some people say no, but I can, maybe this hosts a bit NB, access speed (4G)! 100% No change to the host file is just deceiving yourself, pointing the domain name to the other server IP. The bad thing is a Trojan server. The DNS of the service provider is only shielded. You can't get out of it. -------------Self-Baidu, or ... )。

* Phone must be root
* Use the RE Manager to turn on read/write
* Replace this hosts with SYSTEM/ETC

Want to sync bookmarks, the phone doesn't have a bookmark synchronizer? Can self-Baidu download (Xee: Baidu network disk-related Google) ...

3: The next step is to sync the data (in the Android phone---Settings account--Login to Google account, select the data you want to sync).

Here, will be the discovery of the cup, keep the bookmark synchronization, the interface always shows "synchronization operation has encountered some problems can be recovered quickly" prompt; (Xee: Smart You may find that only bookmarks can't sync!) How does it differ from other Google data? The following is the solution from (I also resolved the last question according to this article ~):

(Xee: Mom eggs, I really choose the second, my own hands are cheap) well, you will find chrome this time the egg hurts, choose this encryption method, is irreversible operation, unable to re-select the first encryption method (perhaps for information security considerations). Simply put, bookmarks and other data have been encrypted two times, there is no such decryption program on the phone, it is impossible to pull the data that has been specially encrypted.

Oh, I have to encrypt their own dead. How to solve this problem, enter Https:// can see the data of the chrome sync;

Click on the bottom "stop and clear" button, the Alert window appears, OK after waiting for the page prompt to complete the cleanup.

Xee: The previous step actually does not need to back up what bookmark data, because when you complete all the operations, in the next step, you are asked to log in again, and then you will find that the first item is selected by default, of course, do not hand cheap second choice,

Then sync your Google browser data on the computer side.

Next, on the phone to synchronize Google account again, you will find no more error. Enter your own browser, click Bookmarks, switch accounts, you can see the Google account, bookmarks are in!

< reference: "Synchronization operation is currently experiencing some problems" workaround >

Android phone sync pc-side Google Chrome bookmarks

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