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Allow read and Write access "properties" table in the Checkin database, change the value can be modified upload (allows read/write access to the "properties" tables in the Checkin database, to Change values that get uploaded)

Allows a program to access Cellid or WiFi hotspots to get a rough location (allows a application to access coarse (e.g., Cell-id, WiFi)

Allows a program to access sophisticated locations (such as GPS) (allows an application to access fine (e.g., GPS) location)

Allow applications to access additional locations to provide commands (allows an application to access extra location provider commands)

Allows the program to create a mock location provided for testing (allows an application to create mock locations providers for testing)

Allow programs to access information about GSM network (allows applications to access information about networks)

Allows the program to use the Surfaceflinger underlying feature (allows an application to using Surfaceflinger ' s low level features)

Allow programs to access Wi-Fi network status information (allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks)

Allows programs to publish system-level services (allows an application to publish System-level services).

Allow programs to update phone battery statistics (allows an application to update the collected battery statistics)

Allow programs to connect to paired Bluetooth devices (allows applications to connect to paired Bluetooth devices)

Allows programs to discover and pair Bluetooth devices (allows applications to discover and pair Bluetooth devices)

The request was able to disable the device (very dangerous) (Required to be able to disable, very *erous!).

Allows a program to broadcast a prompt message after an application package has been removed (allows an application to broadcast a notification, a application package have been removed)

Allows a program to broadcast common intents (allows an application to broadcast sticky intents)

Allows a program to initialize a phone dial-up without requiring user confirmation via the Dial-up user interface (allows an application to initiate a phone call without going through the Dialer user inte Rface for the user to confirm the call being placed.)

Allows a program to dial any number that contains an emergency number without requiring user confirmation via the Dial-up user interface (allows an application-to-call any phone numbers, including emergency numbers, without Going through the Dialer user interface for the user to confirm the call being placed)

Request access using a photographic device (Required to being able to access the camera devices.)

Allows a program to alter whether a component or another is enabled or disabled (allows an application to changes whether an application component (other than it own) is enabled Or not. )

Allows a program to modify the current settings, such as localization (allows an application to modify the present configuration, such as locale.)

Allow the program to alter network connection status (allows applications to change networks connectivity State)

Allow programs to alter Wi-Fi connection status (allows applications to change Wi-Fi connectivity State)

Allows a program to be clearly cached from all installed programs in the device (allows an application to clear the caches of all installed applications on the devices.)

Allows a program to clear user settings (allows an application to clear subscriber data)

Enables the disable location update prompt from the Wireless module (allows enabling/disabling locations update notifications from the radio.)

Allow program to delete cache file (allows an application to delete cache files)

Allow a program to delete a package (allows an application to delete packages)

Allow access to the underlying power management (allows low-level access to power management)

Allows the program RW diagnostic resource (allows applications to RW to diagnostic resources.)

Allow program to disable keyboard lock (allows applications to disable the Keyguard)

Allows the program to return state crawl information from the system service (allows an application to retrieve, dump information from systems services.)

Allow a program extension to shrink in the status bar, the Android development net hint should be a similar tray program in Windows Mobile (allows an application to expand or collapse the status bar.)

As a factory test program, run on the root user (run as a manufacturer test application, running as the root users.)

Access Flash, Android dev net tips htc Dream does not contain flash (allows access to the flashlight)

Allows the program to forcibly force a fallback operation on the top level activities (allows an application to force a back operation on whatever is the top activity.)

Temporarily do not understand what it is to use, the Android Development network analysis may be a reserved privilege.

Access an account list in a accounts service (allows access to the list of accounts in the accounts service)

Allows a program to obtain any of the package footprint capacity (allows an application to find out of the space used by any packages.)

Allows a program to get information about the current or most recently run tasks, an abbreviated task state, whether active, and so on (allows an application to get information about the currently or recently running Tasks:a thumbnail representation of the tasks, what activities is running in it, etc.)

Allow access to hardware (allows access to hardware peripherals.)

Allows a program to intercept user events such as keystrokes, touches, trackball and so on until a time stream, Android Development Network alert is hook technology bar (allows an application to inject user events (keys, touch, Trackbal L) into the event stream and deliver them to any window.)

Allows a program to install packages (allows a application to install packages.)

Allow Windows to be opened by using the System user interface (allows an application to open windows? is for uses by parts of the systems user interface.)

Allow program to open network sockets (allows applications to open networks sockets)

Allow program management (create, post, z-order default to Z-axis) program reference in Window Manager (allows an application to manage (Create, destroy, Z-order) application tokens I n the window manager. )

Android.permission.MASTER_CLEAR currently does not have a clear explanation, the Android Development network analysis may be to clear all data, similar to the hard-grid machine

Allows the program to modify global audio settings (allows an application to modify Globe audio settings)

Allows to modify the status of the phone, such as power, human-computer interface (allows modification of the telephony state–power on, MMI, etc.)

Allows mount and anti-mount file system Removable Storage (allows mounting and unmounting files systems for Removable Storage.)

Allows a program to set his activities display (allow a application to make its activities persistent.)

Allows the program to monitor and modify the broadcast phone (allows an application to monitor, modify, or abort outgoing calls)

Allows the program to read the user's calendar data (allows an application

Allows the program to read the user contact data (allows an application to the read the user ' s contacts.)

Allows program screen waves or more regular access to framebuffer data (allows an application to take screen shots and greater generally get access to the frame buffer data)

Allows the program to return the current key state (allows a application to retrieve, and switches.)

Allows the program to read the underlying system log file (allows an application to read the low-level system log files.)

Allows the program to read the owner data (allows a application to read the owner's information)

Allows the program to read short messages (allows an application to read SMS messages.)

Allow program to read sync settings (allows applications to read the sync settings)

Allow program to read sync status (allows applications to read the sync stats)

The request is capable of restarting the device (Required to being able to reboot.)

Allows a program to receive action_boot_completed broadcast on system completion boot (allows an application to receive the action_boot_completed that's broadcast aft Er the system finishes booting. )

Allows a program monitor to receive MMS MMS, record or process (allows an application to monitor incoming MMS messages, to record or perform processing on them.)

Allows the program to monitor one will receive SMS, recording or processing (allows an application to monitor incoming the messages, to the record or perform processing on them.)

Allows program monitoring to receive WAP push information (allows an application to monitor incoming WAP push messages.)

Allow program to record audio (allows a application to record audio)

Allows the program to alter the Z-axis arrangement task (allows an application to change the z-order of tasks)

Allow program to restart other programs (allows an application to restart other applications)

Allow programs to send SMS messages (allows an application to send SMS messages)

Allows the program to monitor or control activities has started the global system allows an application to watch and control how activities is started globally in the system.

Allows control of whether the activity is indirectly completed while in the background allows an application to controls whether activities is immediately finished when put in the Backgroun D.

Modify the Global information scale (Modify the animation scaling factor.)

Configure a program for debugging (Configure an application for debugging.)

Allows the underlying access to set the screen orientation and the actual rotation (allows low-level access to setting the orientation (actually rotation) of the screens.)

Allows a program to modify list parameters packagemanager.addpackagetopreferred () and Packagemanager.removepackagefrompreferred () methods (Allows an Application to modify the list of preferred applications with the packagemanager.addpackagetopreferred () and Packagemanage R.removepackagefrompreferred () methods.)

Allows the program to currently run a program forcibly to the foreground (allows an application to force any currently running process to being in the foreground.)

Allows setting the maximum number of running processes (allows an application to set the maximum numbers of (not needed) application processes, can be running.)

Allows the program to set the time area (allows applications to set the system timing zone)

Allow program to set wallpaper (allows applications to set the wallpaper)

Allow program to set wallpaper hits (allows applications to set the wallpaper hints)

Allows a program request to send a signal into all displayed processes (allow an application to request that a signal is sent to all persistent processes)

Allows programs to open, close, or disable the status bar and icons allows an application to open, close, or disable the status bar and its icons.

Allows a program to access subscribed RSS feed content provided (allows an application-to-allow access the subscribed feeds ContentProvider.)

The system temporarily retains the settings, and the Android Development Network believes the feature will be added to the future version.

Allows a program to open the window using Type_system_alert, displayed on the top level of all other programs (allows an application to open windows using the TYPE Type_system_alert, shown On top of any other applications. )

Allow access to vibrating devices (allows access to the vibrator)

Allows the wakelocks of the PowerManager to be used to keep the process from disappearing while hibernating (allows using PowerManager wakelocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen f Rom dimming)

Allow program to write API settings (allows applications to write the APN settings)

Allows a program to write without reading the user's calendar data (allows an application to write (yet not read) the "the Subscriber" calendar

Allows the program to write without reading the user's contact data (allows an application to write (though not read) the subscriber's contacts.)

Allows the program to modify the Google Services map (allows an application to modify the Google service maps.)

Allows a program to write without reading the owner data (allows an application to write (but not read) the owner

Allows the program to read or write system settings (allows an application to read or write the settings.)

Allow program to write SMS (allows a application to write SMS messages)

Allow program to write sync settings (allows applications to write the sync settings)

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