Android Rapid development Framework Zblibrary source sharing

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Coordinate standard library zblibrary is an MVP architecture for Android Rapid development framework that provides a set of development standards (Ui,data,listener) as well as templates and tool classes and specification code.

Low level of package, simple and efficient compatibility good. Android Studio, Eclipse Multi-platform support.

OKHttp, image loading, auto-caching, and various base, Demo, UI, util are used directly. A word will be able to achieve global sliding back.

Basehttplistactivity, a few lines of code to handle the HTTP request list loading and caching;

Baseview, custom view is so simple;

Omnipotent Entry<k, V>, two variables of Model/javabean no longer need to write;

More than 100 common style, one line to fix the View property, a single-click Unified Configuration UI ...

Rich Features

A simple implementation

Detailed comments

The style of the norm


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Android Rapid development Framework Zblibrary source sharing

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