Android Testing Support Library

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This release includes three major updates:
Espresso-web[1]: an espresso-like API for automated UI testing of hybrid Android applications. Use Espresso-web to test and interact with any WebView and seamlessly integrate it with your native Espresso UI tests.
Accessibility-checks[2]: is a set of accessibility checks that once enabled would automatically perform accessibility checks on your views. The good news is, which once these checks is enabled, they be performed automatically and you get the accessibility testi ng more or less for free.
junit/dagger/hamcrest: In this release we do a lot of internal. We bumped up the JUnit version to 4.12, we are use the new and shiny Dagger 2 and we upgraded Hamcrest to 1.3, which is O NE of the most flagged bugs on the bug tracker.

All samples[3] has been updated to useRunner/rules 0.3Espresso 2.2And the new@VisibleForTestingannotation from support-annotations[4].

of course, we have also squashed some reported bugs and addressed minor feature requests from android-test-kit[5]. See release notes[6] and javadoc[7] for details.

This was also the first release that includes some AOSP contributions. Shout out to +Jake Wharton forDisableonandroiddebug* Rule and +Eric DenmanWho contributed gravitydraweractions. Thank both for your contributions and feedback!
If You is interested in contributing to ATSL, please refer to our external contributions guide[8].

Happy testing from the ATSL team +Valera Zakharov,  +Nick Korostelev,  +Jose Alcérreca and +Stephan linzner 

#AndroidDev   #AndroidTesting   #happytesting   #io15  

[1] documentation coming soon!
[2] accessibility Checks-Https://
[3] Samples on Github-
[4] visiblefortesting Annotation-Https://
[5] android-test-kit Issues-Https://
[6] Release Notes-Https://
[7] Javadoc-Https://
[8] Guide to external contributions-Https://

Android Testing Support Library

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