[Android Wear] Android wearable device Moto 360 evaluation and Development analysis

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Just bought Moto 360 yesterday, this is the best Android wearable device that the landlord has seen so far, a round watch:

Besbuy and the official website are sold out. This is the landlord heard to replenish the goods to BestBuy bought.

This is an ordinary electronic watch, but it actually contains a lot of functions. The most exciting is its round dial, which is more appealing than the market's square-shaped Android watch.

The only regret is that. Not a complete circle (Virgo). This is understandable: it is also possible to make a complete circle, but that will inevitably increase or thicken the dial-because space is needed to place the IC and some lines, and the aesthetics and practicality will be greatly reduced. Otherwise, Moto has absolutely no reason to make it this way. So it's really hard to make a good design, but it doesn't affect Moto 360 's lethality.

Perhaps the previous Android wearable device you only use as a assistive device, or toy, but Moto 360 appears, you may seriously consider the Android smart watch as your next electronic product purchase plan.

Main functions:

Of course, as a watch, the necessary features are definitely show time. Moto360 can be convenient and quick to show users time.

If you want to see time, just turn your wrist and point your watch to your eyes, and it will be awakened to show you the time interface.

Of course the current interface mode is not many, comes with 6, 7 modes, you can choose your favorite classic watch mode, or electronic clock, or concise mode. With the popularity of wearable devices, more developers will look at the wearable device, there will certainly be more models for users to choose.

Second, that is the acceptance of the notice. Moto360 Connect your smart watch to your phone with Bluetooth technology, and when you have text messages, missed calls, or other app announcements, you can view them on your watch, or tap the notifications on your watch to open on your phone, which is handy and beautiful.

Another thing that's really cool is wireless charging. How do you want to recharge your watch before you buy it? When I found the watch on the small table seat will automatically charge, there is only one idea: buy buy buy

The metal casing and the waterproof watch body will make you feel better, the leather strap is comfortable, completely free of sticky or cold feeling, no discomfort.

For the bracelet, do not like to go to the jewelry store with a metal chain you like, these are possible ~

There are other features that incorporate previous wearable devices such as heartbeat, pedometer, alarm clock, running, and more.


Measuring heart rate:

I talked about Android Wear and the corresponding SDK when I was in the I/O conference. So far, many mobile phone companies have been the corresponding Android wearable devices, LG, Samsung.

But Apple's iwatch will not be available until next January, with the personal feeling that Moto 360 's design philosophy is more reasonable than iwatch. We don't need and don't want to waste our time on watches-just do it on the phone like that. So the operation on the phone is simple click, swipe, view, and voice function. and the iwatch feel. A bit dense, you don't expect to play games on your watch.

I think that the future of wearable devices will be popular among young people, and more and more features will be developed, learning some of the development of wearable devices, combined with mobile phone applications, is bound to be the trend and trend of the future.

The difference between a wearable device and a handheld device:

The wearable device runs directly on the device and gives you access to sensors and GPUs. Are all applications built using the SDK, but there are significant differences in design and use:

(1) The system is forced to set a timeout period: (about 5 seconds) If you do not continue to click on it, it goes into sleep mode. After all, the biggest problem with wearable devices is power. After all, such as a smart watch, has been kept light state, a battery will be consumed, so energy conservation is its primary consideration. And when you wake it up again, it shows the home screen, not the activity you just saw.

(2) The wearable device, whether it is size or function, is smaller (less) than the application on the mobile phone. So the design is generally a time-consuming, need a lot of interactive operation on the phone, and then display the results on the wearable device.

(3) Another point is that the user does not directly download the Android Wear app to the device, but instead you attach the wearable app to the mobile app and download it to your phone, and it's automatically installed on your wearable device. Of course, the development process can be directly downloaded to the phone.

(4) The wearable device can access standard Android APIs, but does not include some webkit, Appwidget and other APIs.

After the Android studio was configured, it was finally connected to the wearable device, and in accordance with international practice, wrote a Hello World program, put it on the watch,

[Android Wear] Android wearable device Moto 360 evaluation and Development analysis

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