Android Web page printing, Android Web page printing, h5 page printing, browser printing, JS printing tool

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Android device printing is troublesome, the general equipment manufacturers provide the SDK developed by the native app, our web developers are embarrassed, not native development AH

To provide you with a way to implement Web Packers, using a print browser to achieve

In short, we embed our web pages in the browser.

Web page printing function through JS and browser interaction

The browser implements printing by invoking the Hardware SDK

1, the machine installed the latest SDK, has been installed please ignore

2. Download and install the Print browser on this page to download the connection

3, control the case code below, modify the Web page printing function

4. Open Web page in print browser, test print function

5, the default home page can be changed in the SD card root directory homepage.txt URL

* All the above steps must be used on our products, please contact Sales Engineer for details.

Software support Android Web page printing tool, Android Web page Printing tool, H5 page printing, browser printing, JS printing tool

Web page According to the following example, modify the Print function code, call the print API to complete the printing function


Android Web page printing, Android Web page printing, h5 page printing, browser printing, JS printing tool

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