Android_life (open source project based on the latest Baidu map API)

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More and more apps to use the map API, so I rely on the Baidu map to provide the API to do a simple project, I hope you have a lot of support and star!!

Sohot link and star address: Sohot Link, finally GitHub open source address, don't miss
If you have not yet to give Sohot a star and see this project directly, that is a bit of loss, I hope you point the link above, to star and download experience a sohot, pick up the big watermelon to pick up the small Sesame project, you understand!!

    • First, let's take a look at the project preview
      Let's start with a project chart.

      Statement, the code is not re-organized, a little bit messy, if you want to run the project into your as in please be sure to look carefully below a few pictures, the red box APK can be installed directly on the real machine, the simulator please self-respect, I have not tried the simulator ....

Let's take a look at some of the parts you need to register and modify

    1. Go to Baidu Developer Center to register a Baidu map key

2. If you want to use the content of the Who interface in the sidebar, please register from the aggregated data website, about the joke API Key,

This interface can be ignored if you just want to see some of the map features.

3. Project Function Preview

* * Here is the start interface, preview, here you can find the Android properties animation and Rxjava
Delay of Knowledge point, the great God do not spray, * *

This is the main interface here you can find a custom view contains several properties and several states as well as the interface and Baidu Map callback, is the figure of the square small icon in fact, three different icons with the same view

Here is the sidebar of the drawer, you can find the change drawer distance from the top of the code, as well as the use of Recylerview instead of the original menu function, to achieve a more free sidebar menu! This piece has an invitation you to experience a key home function, forget to do, do not, Interested students can get the source code, this here to add click events to map the point of view into the database or SP inside, to achieve, route planning has been achieved, you need to do is to save your home location!!

Here is the activity of the route planner, where you can find the knowledge of dynamic addition of fragment in activity, as well as the database storage route path, the value of fragment and activity, activity and fragment, And so on knowledge, here slightly disorderly, please look patiently.

Here are a few to show the different results of the route planning fragment, although the different routes are used with the same fragment, because Baidu map to fragment support in the continuous fragment inside are added Baidu Mapview words will have black edge, The author has been pit for a long time, the final curve to the national salvation, specific can see my blog about Baidu map and fragment black edge problem, fragment encounter Baidu map Black edge problem, you can also find a custom view It's our route details. Support custom color and start end point of the Pointview visual use up also line, need to explain is both points the author did not go to realize, interested can go to realize under, in the OnDraw inside modify the coordinates can be drawn. There's an item on the route inside the layout. _layout inside in order to simple direct copy paste n more than ImageView here can actually use the code dynamic Add, and then I am lazy do not do that, there is obsessive-compulsive suggestion to modify this part of the layout and code! Here is mainly to learn the next Layoutanimation animation application!

The last part is the Entertainment jokes section, from the sidebar click who enter can browse the latest efficient pictures and text jokes, you can follow the top right corner to switch content, but also support the drop-down refresh and load more, seemingly a little bug to find and modify their own. After all, it's a demo.

Most finally, there is a bottomsheet control of the use of the package is good, that is, the inside of the Popwindow and events in the form of interfaces disclosed and activity interaction,


Bottomsheet view ...

To this end of our project preview, as well as the general knowledge of the introduction is complete, it is important that the project is relatively hasty to write a redundant code and not packaged good such as Basemodel Baseview basepresenter, etc. are not the ideal package,

Let's all get down to it,

Source on GitHub above, the address is as follows, I hope you download at the same time star, can fork better, thank you!!

GitHub Address: Source Address
Be sure to star, and then open up other projects, such as my youth area. Thx!!!

Android_life (open source project based on the latest Baidu map API)

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