Angularjs Quick Start (ii)

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In the example of the previous section, $scope we did not create this object, the direct binding can get inside the object, this style follows a design pattern called Dimitri Law.

Then angular also has a very powerful function called "instruction".

You can. Templates are written in HTML form, and there are some things that are not part of the HTML specification, such as the Ng-controller introduced. Ng-model, let's look at a similar shopping cart example:

1 <HTMLng-app= ' My-app '>2     <Head>3         <Tiltle>My Shopping Cart</title>    4     </Head>5     <BodyNg-controller= ' Cartcontroller '>6         <H1>My order</H1>7         <Div ng-repeat= ' Item in items ' >8             <span>{{Item.title}}</span>9             <inputNg-model= ' item.quantity '>Ten             <span>{{item.price|currency}}</span> One             <span>{{Item.price * item.quantity|currency}}</span> A             <ButtonNg-click= "Remove ($index)">Remove</Button> -         </Div> -         <Scriptsrc= "Angular.js"></Script> the         <Script> -             functionCarcontroller ($scope) { - $scope. Items=[ - {title:'Paint Pots', Quantity:8, Price:3.33}, + {title:'Pack Pots', Quantity:5, Price:2.33},     - {title:'pedbbles Pots', Quantity3,price: A} +                 ]; A $scope. Remove=function(index) { at $scope. Items.splice (Index,1); -                 } -             } -         </Script> -         </Body> -     </HTML>

Here are a few explanations of where the first one is ng-app= ' My-app ', which means the entire page is Angular admin page

The second, ng-repeat= ' item in items ' means that each element in the items array copies a copy of the DOM structure of <div>, including the div itself, items have three groups, so there are now three Div

Third, {{item.title}} binds data through {{}} and creates a binding relationship with ng-model= ' item.quantity '

Fourth one,

{{Item.price * item.quantity|currency}} Filter
Currency is a currency filter that is built-in and it can be formatted for US dollars.

Fifth one,
ng-click= "Remove ($index)"
Delete button, can delete the shopping cart items.

Angularjs Quick Start (ii)

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