Angularjs UI Component Ui-bootstrap Share (vi)--tabs

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The tabs control uses the Uib-tabset directive and the Uib-tab directive, and the effect is this:

1 <!DOCTYPE HTML>2 <HTMLNg-app= "Ui.bootstrap.demo"xmlns= "">3 <Head>4     <Metahttp-equiv= "Content-type"content= "text/html; charset=utf-8" />5     <Linkhref= "/content/bootstrap.css"rel= "stylesheet" />6     <title></title>7 8     <Scriptsrc= "/scripts/angular.js"></Script>9     <Scriptsrc= "/scripts/ui-bootstrap-tpls-1.3.2.js"></Script>Ten     <Script> One  A Angular.module ('Ui.bootstrap.demo', ['Ui.bootstrap']). Controller ('Tabsdemoctrl', function($scope, $window) { - $scope. Tabs= [ - {title:'Label Page A', Content:'contents of tab a' }, the {title:'Label Page B', Content:'contents of tab B', Disabled:true } -             ]; -  - $scope. AlertMe= function () { + SetTimeout (function () { - $window. Alert ('clicked!'); +                 }); A             }; at         }); -     </Script> - </Head> - <Body> -     <DivNg-controller= "Tabsdemoctrl"> -         <Uib-tabsetActive= "Active"type= "Tabs"> in             <Uib-tabIndex= "0"Heading= "Label Page 1">Content 1</Uib-tab> -             <Uib-tabIndex= "$index + 1"ng-repeat= "tab in Tabs"Heading= "{{tab.title}}"Active= ""Disable= "tab.disabled"> to {{tab.content}} +             </Uib-tab> -             <Uib-tabIndex= "3"Select= "alertMe ()"> the                 <uib-tab-heading> *                     <Iclass= "Glyphicon Glyphicon-bell"></I>alert! $                 </uib-tab-heading>Panax Notoginseng Content Section -             </Uib-tab> the         </Uib-tabset> +     </Div> A </Body> the </HTML>
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The properties available with Uib-tabset are:

Property name

Default value



Index of the first tab page

Index of the Currently active tab page



Whether to distribute widths of individual tabs in the parent container





The type of the tab page. Can be set to tabs or pills



Whether to display vertically

The properties available with Uib-tab are:

Property name

Default value



You can add a space-delimited class name


The function that triggers when the label page board is unchecked (activating other tabs). The incoming event object parameter $event is supported, and the operation can be canceled with $event.preventdefault ().



Whether to disable


Text for the title of the tab page


The index of the tab page. Each index must be unique


The function that is triggered when the tab page is selected. The incoming event object parameter $event is supported, and the operation can be canceled with $event.preventdefault ().



If the title of the panel is simple text, it is sufficient to use the heading property. If you have complex content, such as icons, you can use uib-tab-heading. This is the same as the according control.

Angularjs UI Component Ui-bootstrap Share (vi)--tabs

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